Chicago Cubs Fans Need To Keep the Faith

Andrew SCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Lots of Cubs fans have been jumping out of windows lately, and for me, it's not hard to understand why. I remember what it felt like before the Red Sox won in 2004—that feeling that it was never going to happen. Well, I got news for you, Cubs fans: It's gonna happen.

It may not be next year. Or the year after. But eventually, it will happen. I know this because it happened to the Red Sox, and if it can happen to them, it can happen to anybody.

Let's look at the reasons you still have to keep following this team. First of all, they're a great team. They're all going to be back next year. A couple of key additions, and they could be even better.

The window on this squad hasn't closed. They're not chokers. Derrek Lee has won a World Series with the Marlins. Soriano has made playoff runs with the Yankees before. They just need to get hot at the right time. 

I could understand your fatalism if you were the fan of a small-market team. But the Cubs have a huge market; they can continue to spend money and make this team a winner every year. Eventually, if you keep knocking, you will break down that door.  For a small-market team, the window closes so quickly, and they have to make the best of every opportunity. The Cubs have the luxury of continuously building this team up.

Go to a ballgame. Go to your beautiful ballpark and enjoy watching your favorite team in one of America's most beloved landmarks. Win or lose, you will have a good time, and let's face it: This is supposed to be fun. Have a couple beers, kick back, and enjoy yourself. Sports should be an escape from life, not life itself.

The most important reason to keep the faith is the reward. When the Cubs finally win, it is going to be the most happy any fanbase in any sport has ever been. And why is that?  Because you soldiered through all the hard times. Because you sweated and cried over this franchise. 

Believe me, I'm a Red Sox fan. I know what this kind of joy feels like, and let me tell you something: It was worth the 86 years. The emotional release will be amazing.

So don't walk away from the Cubs. They need you now more than ever. There are tough times to come, but there are great times up ahead as well. Keep the faith, brothers and sisters, and if you ever need an encouraging word, just turn to your cousins up in Boston. We believe in the Cubbies, and we know you'll do it eventually.