The L.A. Dodgers Beat the Chicago Cubs, PERIOD

Jonny SAnalyst IOctober 6, 2008

No offense Cubs fans, but I am SICK and TIRED of hearing how your team lost the NLDS rather than the Dodgers winning it.

I know all about the curse. I know all about your 97 wins this season. I know all about the "expectations." Most of all, I know that your Cubbies were "supposed" to win.

None of that, however, should change how the Los Angeles Dodgers went into Wrigley Field and absolutely made it sound like a church service rather than a playoff game.

The Dodgers ripped the Cubs' players and fans' hearts out...Sure the Cubs assisted in this thrashing, but come on—the Dodgers did come up with those crucial two-out hits that the Cubs could not.

The Dodgers pitchers made a few mistakes, but not too many. The Cubs' pitchers also made mistakes, and the Dodgers capitalized on it. Even in the game where the Dodgers had four unearned runs, the Cubs still only scored three and one of them was a ninth-inning who-cares run...Would you guys have liked it if the score was 6-3 instead?

It still doesn't take away the "L."

I really do like the Cubs. Other than the Dodgers, I was rooting for the Cubs to win the World Series, and I truly do enjoy watching them play...Especially at Wrigley. Yet I found myself getting rather annoyed after the Dodgers took Games One and Two at Wrigley and people were still claiming the Cubs lost them rather than the Dodgers won them.

I would understand this if the games were close, but they weren't close at all. The Dodgers outplayed them, out-hit them, out-pitched them, and, consequently, they swept them.

The Cubs certainly did not play their best, and I will wholeheartedly agree with that statement, but the Dodgers have been a very hot team the last month or so and came into this series with a ton of confidence.

To discredit this L.A. team is completely unfair and, in my opinion, it only shows how some people are simply sore losers. I am not calling all of the Cubs' fans sore losers by any means, just the ones who claim that the Cubs lost the series rather than the Dodgers winning it.

Everyone claimed the Cubs' pitching was superior to the Dodgers' and that that would be the difference in the series. Do I need to remind everyone that the Dodgers had the best ERA in the National League and the second-best ERA in the MLB behind the Blue Jays? That Derek Lowe and Chad Billingsley have pitched, by far, their best since the start of September? 

People can say what they want to say, but quite frankly, it comes down to this...The media. The Cubs and their fans had probably never really heard of Chad Billingsley or Hiroki Kuroda, and they probably only knew Lowe from his days as a Red Sox pitcher.

The media and the Cubs' fans were only concerned with one guy with a first name that is recognized everywhere...Manny. 

The Dodgers were fine with that. As the city of Chicago found out, they are a team with a ton of young talented players ready to step up. Whether it was James Loney, Russell Martin, or even Billingsley or Jonathan Broxton, the Dodgers proved to be more than a one-man team. 

I would never argue that the Cubs played their best, but for people to whine and whine about how the Cubs choked is merely pathetic. Give credit where credit is due. The Dodgers scored 20 runs in three days...Were all 20 unearned? Absolutely not. The Cubs scored six runs in three games...Are you sure the Cubs choked?

7-2, 10-3, 3-1. Sorry folks, those scores are evidence of what is called an old-fashioned butt-whooping. As I mentioned above, I am not a Cubs' hater by any means, I respect them a lot, but enough is enough—just shut up and quit making excuses. The Dodgers outplayed you in every facet of the game, period.

By the way, the only thing quieter than Wrigley field during the NLDS was the Steinbrenner household.