Who are the Future WWE Hall of Famers?

Jim MontgomeryContributor IOctober 6, 2008

Sure, there's still time for things to change and develop as current WWE superstars develop and continue their careers, but will they end up with the ultimate sign of respect?

Of course I'm talking about the WWE Hall of Fame. Who will be there in the future?

Looking over it now, here's a list of who I think will be there down the road.


1. HHH

He's a 12-time World Champion, and he's married to the daughter of the guy who decides it all. Do I need to say anymore?


2. Shawn Michaels

He's won at every level, he's the showstopper, the main-eventer, he can do almost any match, and his size has nothing to do with it. He's the defining wrestler of his generation, and could be at the top of a lot of lists for the greatest of all time.


3. The Undertaker

He's the most intimidating wrestler is out there today, and in a lot of minds ever. He's one of the best actors, technicians, and entertainers that the WWE has ever seen. Stats wise, he's a six-time world champ, and has an undefeated streak of 16-0. The Undertaker reeks of Hall of Fame all over him.


4. Edge

The man is still young enough to wrestle 5-10 more years and is without a doubt the best heel of his generation. He's a 12-time tag team champ and a five-time world champ. The list is going to grow too. He's led stables, shows, and was the 2001 King of the Ring winner. Edge is the defining wrestler of this era (2003-Present).


5. Chris Jericho

He has the best mic skills out of all these men and is one of the most sustaining forces. Has not won as much as the others because of his size, but is definitely a defining force in the last 10 years of the WWE.


6. The Hardy Boyz

They might still make it in as singles wrestlers, as there is still a lot more time to go. But how can they not be linked together after being one of the best tag teams of all time, and certainly one of the most popular.

Team Xtreme won seven tag team titles together and both Matt and Jeff are on their ways to making even stronger singles careers.


7. Mick Foley

The best hardcore wrestler ever in the WWE, Mick Foley was a lot more then that as he was a successful world champ and dynamic personality during the Attitude Era and beyond.

8. John Cena

Say what you will about his pure wrestling skills, but the man is popular in most demographics: you know, children, women, and those men who empathize with Marky Mark, and is the biggest media force in the company right now. Let alone the fact that he's won three WWE titles with a lot more to come.


9. Randy Orton

Next to Edge, is the best heel right now in the WWE. He is so psychotic and wins many titles. Will be a force for the next 10-15 years.


10. JBL

I don't like him as a wrestler now, but he was very good about 5 years ago. He's tight with McMahon and sadly that's how he picks some inductees (see Randy Savage, whom he's not tight with).

Many more from the Attitude Era will get in, but this list was for current wrestlers only.