Which Conference Is Better, Big 12 or SEC?

Scott Taylor@@Taylor_SportsCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Before the year started, I thought that the Big 12 would give a good battle to the SEC as the nation’s top conference, despite my love for the SEC. So far, I have been proven right.

With all of the other conferences being pretty bad, I figured to compare the two conferences, team by team, to see who is better. They are ranked based on their national rankings—at the top at least.


1. Oklahoma vs. Alabama

This is a great game that would be one heck of a championship game. The Sooners win out at every position on offense, led by quarterback Sam Bradford. They have put up a bundle of points every week. The running game is solid on both ends, but John Parker Wilson is inconsistent. The edge on defense goes to Alabama, slightly.

Both coaches have won a championship and are two of the best in the business. I still don’t think Bama is as good as it has looked.

Predicted score: 31-27 OU


2. Missouri vs. LSU

This game sets up perfectly for Mizzou. While it would struggle with many other teams' passing games, Mizzou plays well against the run, and LSU has no passing game. It would be really fun to see if LSU’s defense could stop the Mizzou offense. If there is one team that could, it is LSU.

In a battle of Tigers, it would likely come down to the wire. In a close game, I like Chase Daniel making a big play.

27-24 Mizzou


3. Texas vs. Florida

Thinking about Florida losing last year to Michigan, I see no reason why Texas couldn’t beat them. I haven’t watched a full Texas game, but I have liked what I have seen. Meanwhile, Florida has been stuck in the mud for the most part and struggled with Arkansas much more than Texas did.

I think Colt McCoy would have a solid day against the UF defense, while Tebow still hasn’t shown his potential from last year. The Texas defense would probably be the wild card in the game. While I think Florida might have more potential, right now the edge goes with the Horns.

34-27 Texas


4. Texas Tech vs. Georgia

I changed UGA and Florida around on accident, but all four of the teams are so close to each other in the polls, it doesn’t really matter. UGA’s defense would be put to the test by an offense that it has never seen before. Meanwhile, Tech is used to playing against pass-happy teams, rather than the balance that the Bulldogs have.

Tech has had problems historically scoring against athletic defenses, which Georgia has. I think that will be the difference in the game.

31-24 Georgia


5. Kansas vs. Vanderbilt

Here is a real interesting game. Which team is for real? Probably neither, but Vanderbilt didn’t struggle to beat Iowa State. Both teams just seem to find a way to win, but the motto is defense wins championships. The Vandy defense is good enough to contain the Jayhawks, and its offense will score just enough points to win.

23-20 Vanderbilt


6. Oklahoma State vs. Auburn

Here is a battle of spread offenses—yeah right. As long as the Auburn offense is in the spread, it doesn’t win this game. The Tigers probably have the best defense in the country, but the offense has been brutal.

The Cowboys haven’t been tested yet the way Auburn has (that will change this week), but they have an awesome offense that will put up some points. I think Tommy Tuberville will come to his senses and realize that his RBs would gut OSU. It is hard to score 20 points on Auburn without help from your defense.

24-20 Auburn


7. Colorado vs. Kentucky

The way Colorado looked Saturday compared to the way UK looked makes this game look fairly lopsided. The Wildcats just don’t have a good enough offense to make this game a gimmie.

It is also hard for me to believe that the Buffaloes are as bad as they have looked the past two weeks. Remember, they nearly beat Alabama last year. Still, UK’s defense will dominate this game.

20-13 Kentucky


8. Nebraska vs. South Carolina

The South Carolina loss to Vanderbilt doesn’t look nearly as bad as it did. Also, the Gamecocks played Georgia much better than Nebraska played Missouri. It should be an interesting game this week with SC and UK. Sorry, looking ahead. That is how much of a yawner this game would be.

30-16 Carolina


9. Texas A&M vs. Tennessee

A battle between storied programs that have fallen apart. A&M lost to Arkansas St., while the Vols barely beat Northern Illinois. At least they didn’t lose that game. Even the Aggie defense is bad. The Vols at least have a good D.

21-10 Vols


10. Kansas St. vs. Mississippi

The Rebels won at Florida, while the Wildcats got smoked at home by Texas Tech. That is just about all I need to know.

35-23 Ole Miss


11. Iowa State vs. MSU

I don’t know if anyone would watch the game. The first team that scores will probably win.

7-5 MSU


12. Baylor vs. Arkansas

I don’t remember the last time an SEC team was this bad. It was expected though with Casey Dick at the helm. I actually like Baylor in this one.

24-17 Baylor


There you have it. When you look closely, the SEC is still probably the best conference top to bottom. The Big 12 seems to be top heavier, but there just aren’t many gimmies in the SEC.

There have been a lot of conference matchups this year between the Big Ten and Pac-10, as well as Big East and ACC. I would like to see the same thing between these conferences. How about a preseason slate of these games?


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