A Rant by Jacob Mowat

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Some things that have pleased me recently.

     Steven Stamkos:  Stamkos has controlled this whole situation very well in my opinion. He is probably going to win the Calder trophy and after what I saw from him in the game in Prague I think he is just as good as scouts said he is.

He could soon be in the top fifty players in the NHL possibly next season. With Hasek retired, Stamkos has moved to top place for my favorite players.This will be a guy Don Cherry will go on and on about on Coaches Corner for years to come.

     Edmonton Oilers: I saw them in a pre-season game not to long ago and they were spectacular. They have a bright future and will be good for years. I put them 12th in the West in my predictions I am now saying 8th in the West after that game. Maybe it was just that game but I have heard this from many other people that the Oilers will be great this year. I don't know what you think but the Oilers are back!

     Ron Wilson:  Finally a coach in Toronto who will hold players responsible for bad play and bench people not playing hard. If Tucker were still in Toronto he would be a scratch almost all the time for his lack of effort on the ice. The Leafs this year would have held Paul Maurice's hand to nowhere if he was still there. Ron Wilson will take this team closer to a playoff appearance not this season not next season but soon.  

     Things that have pissed me off!

     Chicago Cubs: They were supposed to contend for the World Series but instead they went out effortlessly in three quick games. They couldn't hit, field or pitch the whole series.

People say that the Dodgers were just too good witch is just some nutty excuse to justify the loss. I don't even have sympathy for my Detroit Red Wings when they choke so I sure won't accept excuses for the Cubs.

     Crosby Haters: If people are going to criticize the best player in the NHL they should at least do it with more points than "he's a poster boy”. Yes Crosby is a poster boy who gives a crap if someone came up to you and said "I'll give you five million bucks to pose for some pictures,” what would you say?

Since most people enjoy making money for doing almost nothing most of you would say, "where do I sign.” Crosby can not live up to the hype of the next one because this is a lower scoring era then when Gretzky played. So for all the Crosby haters out there Crosby is the best in the NHL so just live with it!

     Luongo Captain: First of all he's the goalie and you don't make him captain also there is much better options on Vancouver for captain. This just hammers home the theory that captain is no longer about leadership; it's the guy you want to keep happy for contract negotiations.