Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers: Grizzlies Robbed by Poor Officiating

Stephen PattersonCorrespondent IApril 7, 2011

I just wanted to share a couple of quick notes on Tuesday's Clippers/Grizzlies game since I was in attendance.

In short, the referees completely ruined the end of this game in the final seconds.

Not only should the Clippers have turned the ball over due to a shot clock violation, but Eric Bledsoe also plowed over Tony Allen in the process.

Following that mistake, in which the refs decided there should be a jump ball, they blew another call when they failed to call a foul on Shane Battier after they lost the jump.

With a little over two seconds left, Battier clearly makes contact with with Mo Williams' ankle trying to draw a foul.  However, the refs decided not to use the whistle on that one.

There is nothing more I hate about NBA officiating than when they don't call fouls when a player is trying to foul someone.

What do players need to do to get a call when they are trying to get one as fast as possible short of tackling the guy with the ball?

Clearly diving into someone's legs doesn't get the call.

It's ridiculous.

Beyond the blown calls at the end, the rest of the game was pretty awesome.

Seeing Blake Griffin in person was completely mind-blowing and I would recommend that every basketball fan make an effort to see him play next season.

Seriously, if you only attend one game next season, make it a Clippers game (only if Griffin is healthy and playing).

He's that impressive to witness in person.

My friend Madisyn and I had seats that were about ten rows from the court and I've never had more fun at a game.

Literally, every time Griffin touched the ball in a position that even remotely looked as if it could lead to a dunk, you could just sense the energy level in the arena rise a little.

While he only had one really impressive dunk during the game, Sam Young and Tony Allen more than made up for it with a pair of nasty dunks in the second half.

I expect the Grizzlies will come out swinging on Friday night at home against the Sacramento Kings after the questionable ending to this one, and also with a chance to lock up a playoff seed on the line.

Do you think the refs got the call(s) right at the end or do you think they robbed the Grizzlies of a potential victory?