Regan Smith Wins AMP Energy 500* (Cough Cough)

Matt MercerCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Regan Smith won yesterday, right?
I mean, he crossed the line first, right?
On the last lap anything goes, right?
So why did NASCAR rob him of a win? Because they're a bunch of meanies?
It wasn't politics, Bob Margolis.
So what was it?
It was NASCAR clumsily doing the right thing.
I'm not one to defend NASCAR on everything they do, but this was the right call. Jayski ran up and posted a quote from one of the puppets in regards to the Truck Race back in 2007. The puppets named were wrong. If you're going to have the rule that there's no passing below the yellow line, it makes no sense to not have it apply to every lap of the race. If you want them to pass below the line, then lift the ban. Maybe we'll see Jeff Gordon do this again at Daytona.
Point is, the right call was made yesterday. Smoke defended his spot, Smith could have made a move to the high side (which is where most passes for the lead were made yesterday) or rode behind him content to get a career finish. He didn't, and he suffered the consequences. As it stands, Stewart finally snaps his winless streak, Paul Menard gets a career-best Cup finish as he moves to Yates, and David Ragan nets another top 5 finish at 'Dega.
Other points from the race
Remember what happened at Dover when Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, and Matt Kenseth battled for the lead and I threatened to jump off the roof of my apartment complex if they all wrecked? Well, needless to say I hit the bottle after yesterday's crash. Carl hit Greg in the absolute worst spot he could, on the quarterpanel in the middle of the turn. I saw it happen in slow motion. That sucked. Jimmie Johnson leads the points, but I don't think the Chase is over by any means. This race will be important coming up at Lowes.
Denny Hamlin was kept overnight in the hospital following his hard crash, and he may have a concussion as a result. Could we see Joey Logano in the #11 this week?
That's all for now. The next 2 races are in my backyard. I'm going to be broke in 2 weeks.