Cincinnati Bengals Keep Their Losing Streak Alive

ZipCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Okay, the economy sucks, the polar ice caps are melting, and Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house.  But there is some good news—as long as you’re not a Cincinnati Bengals fan. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Cincinnati.  Rather than waste my time watching the Bengals lose to the Cowboys, our family decided to hit up the golf course.  As we pulled into the crowded parking lot, my dad remarked, “At least the Bengals are good for business.”

We hadn’t even teed off on the third hole before the golf cart’s advanced computer system gave us an update on the game.  Cowboys 3, Bengals 0.  Carson Palmer threw an interception on the first play of the game, which turned into a field goal for the Cowboys. 

On the fourth hole, I over-hit my approach shot, so my ball was lying in the rough behind the green.  Then, I hit a beautiful flop shot, which rolled five feet away from the hole.  I sunk the putt to save par.  As I returned to the cart to put my clubs away, I saw the latest flashing update on the game.  Cowboys 10, Bengals 0.  I guess luck would only be going my way.

The final three holes I played one under par.  As we headed back to the clubhouse, I saw another update.  Cowboys 17, Bengals 6.  On their way to another defeat—pretty sure I’ve heard that story before.

Back at home, we turned on the game to witness the end of the second half.  T.J. Houshmandzadeh scored his second touchdown of the game and now the scoreboard read Cowboys 24, Bengals 22. They went for the two-point conversion, which is a play I admire and respect.   Of course living up to their full potential, the Bengals did not convert. 

The game was over right there, with the failed attempt at the two-point conversion.  However, the Bengals always like to dig their grave a little deeper.  With 7:39 left to play in the game, Tony Romo led an 80-yard drive ending with a Cowboys touchdown.  Final Score: Cowboys 31, Bengals 22.

Thankfully the Bengals' defeated record remains in tact.  I hope we can ride this streak all the way to the postseason. 

Okay, so the hometown football team is atrocious, but don’t lose faith.  With less focus on the Bengals, I can spend more time on my golf game.  This may turn out to be the best season ever.