Brock Lesnar Vs. Junior Dos Santos: TUF 13 Fighter Chuck O'Neil Blog for BR, Episode No. 2

Chuck O'NeilGuest ColumnistApril 7, 2011

What's up everyone! Welcome to The Ultimate Fighter 13 week two blog with Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil.

I'm going to stick to bringing you all the info from behind the scenes, without talking too much about the actual episode. Why? Well, because you already got to watch that.

This episode picks up after the first fight where the first episode ended. Team Lesnar were all sitting in the locker room visibly pissed. What wasn't shown is how upset we truly were to drop the first fight.

Clay, Charlie, Len, Tony and I were all amped up and were ready to get picked for the next fight. It was at this point I realized I was on a team full of actual fighters and loved it. We went on to have an intense workout and Brock seemed to enjoy how hard we were working.

Back at the house it was becoming more and more apparent that the other team members were not big fans of me.

They didn't really know how to take my ridiculousness at times. My team started referring to me as trash bag Charlie and Chris had his own nickname for me, "Evil Jesus".

This didn't go over too well with Charlie Rader, who is very religious. I wanted to keep the spirits at the house light and fun because we were in a very stressful situation and everyone could use some humor to relax at times.

Every morning, before the other team would wake up, I'd give a shout out to my boys from the Jersey Shore by obnoxiously yelling, "Vans are here!"

I only bring this up because you can hear this being yelled in the episode, but they don't show me doing it. Both teams headed to the gym for the second fight announcement and my team all thought Team Dos Santos were going to go after me for sure.

We assumed that they would think I just came in and I would be weak. I was an alternate after all, but I was ready for a fight. I mean, that was the whole reason I was there, to fight! 

The fight announcement was done and they decided to have Javier fight Chris which didn't surprise us too much.

Javi was very vocal about wanting to fight. Chris, on the other hand, looked like he just saw a ghost.

He quite possibly pooped his pants. We were instructed by our coaches to leave Chris alone back at the house, they didn't want us to talk about the fight in hopes that this would help him get mentally prepared. Chris, for the most part, kept to himself the rest of the day.

He would freak out if we mentioned the fight. One special conversation did take place during that night, I came to the realization that Charlie resembles a salamander, Clay quickly agreed to this.

I was really glad to see this nickname take off within our team and our coaches even got a good laugh out of it.

The day after the fight was picked, we all learned that Keon had left. We knew a replacement was on the way and as an alternate, I already knew who the replacement was going to be.

For some reason, this episode doesn't show the replacement until the previews for next week, so I'll give you the scoop on him then. 

Javi and Chris weighed in and one funny part which was overlooked on the show was how Chris wore tear away pants. This was followed up by a super intense stare down between the two. 

Back home, Team Dos Santos was over for Junior's birthday and they were having a cookout. I was noticing Javi eating a lot of red meat.

In my opinion, this is a horrible idea, especially going into a fight like this. Red meat takes a long time to digest within the body.  This will only slow him down, but to each their own.

During this time, we started noticing a lot of diversity within the personalities of the teammates. Cliques were forming and there was a noticeable separation.  

We figured this was bound to take place eventually. Chris wanted to go through his game plan with me upstairs in our bathroom area. He was using me during training for game plan drills.

This was actually called "Ninja Training," as proclaimed by Chris, and it took place a lot more than it was shown. I think he was obsessed with it or something. He nagged everyone until they gave into taking part in it.

On fight day, Chris still seemed nervous and had Nordin and me go to the fight early with him. I discovered that Chris has a stuffed bunny he brought with him on the show. I know it's kind of weird, but again, to each their own.

It got even more weird when we found out that the stuffed bunny had a name, "Bun Bun." Thankfully, Chris gave us the back story on Bun Bun and it made things a little less weird.

As you could see in the episode, the fight goes into an overtime round, which went to decision. Chris wins a super close fought hugging match, which Brock refers to as three rounds of the waltz.

I will say this, Chris showed a lot of heart and won a fight in which a lot of people thought he had no chance to win. I feel this fight made Chris realize that he is truly a good fighter and will definitely help him grow a lot.

After the fight, Brock showed his emotion to us for the first time, he was pumped up and began telling us, "That's how you turn chicken shit into chicken salad boys!"

A few of us actually thought about this statement and were kind of pissed that we were being referred to as chicken shit.

After his tirade, Brock went over to Chris' bag and pulled out his good pal Bun Bun. We now officially have an eighth teammate.

Team Lesnar has the next fight pick, a new team member, and all the momentum going forward.

Thanks to everyone for checking out the blog. Check back next week for more of the inside scoop of The Ultimate Fighter 13, as well as the introduction of the newest cast member with the most handsome man on the show, Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil!


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