Robert Guerrero Wants the Big Fight Next: Marquez, Pacquiao or Mayweather

King JSenior Writer IApril 7, 2011

LAS VEGAS - JULY 31:  Robert Guerrero celebrates his unanimous-decision victory over Joel Casamayor in their junior welterweight fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero 28 (21)-1-1 is a former IBF super featherweight champion and two-time IBF featherweight champion. Currently he is campaigning at the higher weight classes of lightweight and even junior welterweight where he wants the big name fights with the biggest names in the sport.

I had the honor of doing an exclusive interview with Guerrero who this Saturday is fighting Michael Katsidis and co-headlining the "Action Heroes" pay-per-view fight card with Marcos Maidana vs. Erik Morales which can be seen live on HBO pay-per-view or live in person at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Guerrero is a very fan-friendly fighter with explosive one-punch power, speed and skills. Outside the ring he is a very down to earth likeable person as well.

His fight with Katsidis Saturday should be fireworks and could possibly be the fight of the year.

The following is the exclusive interview with Robert Guerrero.

KING J:  Robert, how is your camp going? What can we expect to see come Saturday April 9th when you and Katsidis touch gloves?

Robert Guerrero:  Honestly, this camp has been the best camp I’ve had ever.  Dieting to make weight for 135 is a lot better for my body, so I’m feeling extremely strong for this fight.  Your going to see a well prepared and fine tuned Guerrero on April 9.

KJ: You go by the nickname "the Ghost," how did that name come about? Also, seeing that you are quite a religious man of faith aren't we supposed to not believe in ghosts, only the holy ghost?

RG:  My moniker “The Ghost” stuck with me when I was a kid growing up in the gym because I was so fast and elusive.  I am a man of faith and the nickname is not to be confused with the Holy Ghost, but that don’t mean you can't believe in my skills as a fighter.  The Holy Ghost will be with me on fight night as always. 

KJ: This fight card is titled "Action Heroes." Many of the fighters on the card are all about action with their exciting fighting styles. However, it seems fighters such as Maidana and even Morales may be seen more so as villains because of their dirty fight tactics and almost being anti-heroes. So with that being said, does this imply that you and Katsidis maybe the real Action Heroes of the night?

RG:  I believe anyone who steps in the ring and performs at the top level are all “Action Heroes.”  The card is filled with a ton of them. 

KJ: About four years ago, I was driving back from the Bay and I stopped in your hometown of Gilroy at that outlet mall. I was buying some like golf equipment for my colleague and the cashier was a pretty cute Latina, so I asked if she knew who Robert "the Ghost" Guerrero was? I was shocked she did not have a clue who I was talking about. Come on now if you mention the city of Gilroy only two things should automatically pop up: garlic and Guerrero. How was this possible? Even Shane Mosley got his own banner at the Pomona Denny's...yes, Denny's!

RG:  I guess she’s living in a desolate garlic field somewhere.  Na, not everyone is a boxing fan in Gilroy, but I guarantee when my career is over, most everyone in Gilroy will know my name.  

KJ: Goldenboy has mentioned that should you be victorious against Katsidis, that a super fight with the great Juan Manuel Marquez may be next. What are your thoughts on that, and if it was completely up to you without any politics, business, promoter beef getting in the way, which three fighters would you want if it was again completely up to you?

RG:  It’s all about making those big fights for me.  Marquez is considered the best fighter in the lightweight division so that’s someone I want to fight.  Others are Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather.  I believe my style gives anyone problems. 

KJ: Many of us are well aware of your wife's constant battle with leukemia. We often saw you knock your opponent out and quickly leave the ring to fly back home to be by her side. How is she currently? Are there any charities that you are affiliated with that we may help support?

RG:  Right now my wife is cancer free, thank God.  We usually team up with and do some fund raising with them.  Its all about getting people registered in the bone marrow registry.  With a simple cotton swab sample you can save a life.  

KJ: Many are already saying that your fight Saturday with Katsidis has Fight Of The Year written all over it with both of your exciting fan-friendly action hero fighting styles. People are also saying that this may be the fight to really blast you off onto the next level. What are your thoughts on that?

RG:  There’s nobody tougher than Michael Katsidis in the lightweight division.  He’s a fighter that brings a lot of excitement to the ring.  When I beat him, a whole lot of doors will open up for me.  All the bigger fights await me.  First thing’s first, is to take care of Katsidis.

KJ: Can you break down your overall training camp work out routines/roadwork routines. Like how many miles you run? How many sit ups, push ups, rounds of sparring, etc, etc.? As well as your diet? Do you secretly eat some special hometown garlic that gives you special Action Hero powers?

RG:  For this camp I was running up in Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas at about 9,000 feet of elevation.  Everyday I would drive up there and run anywhere from three-five miles.  With my sit ups and push ups I just go, I don’t keep count.  I spar from four-eight rounds depending on how my body feels.  My diet is a secret, but let's just say its fresh food everyday.

KJ: I recall you having your own documentary film being made recently titled, "The Ghost." Is it complete? What is it about? Is that song Unchained Melody in the film? How can we watch it?

RG:  Yeah the documentary is finalizing after this fight with Katsidis.  Most likely it will be show something this summer.  It touches on the aspects of my life, dealing with my wife's illness while continuing to fight at the highest level.  It's incredible.  Andrew Johnston is the director and he’s one of the best out there.  Not sure what music he’ll use, but I know he’ll put some good stuff in there.  You can get a glimpse by going to

KJ: What would you like to say to all your fans and to your new fans who I am sure will definitely love you after Saturday night?

RG:  For everyone watching this Saturday, you're going to see a top level fighter going for broke.  Continue to follow my career because I’m going to leave everything in the ring when I fight.  Follow me on Twitter @teamguerrero or Facebook @ghostboxing.  Thank you and God bless.

KJ: Thank you so much Robert. You are always a class act and an exciting champion to root for. Best of luck Saturday we will keep your wife in our prayers and thoughts. Please come chat with us again real soon champ!

RG:  Thanks King J…you are the MAN!




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