Masters 2011: Can Rickie Fowler Finally Break Through at Augusta?

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IApril 6, 2011

Masters 2011: Can Rickie Fowler Finally Break Through at Augusta?

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    Rickie Fowler is known for his vibrant clothes and laid-back personality, but would more than likely want to be known as a green jacket winner. The young American golfer has taken the golf world by storm, and is truly becoming a fan favorite.

    This weekend, he will travel to Augusta National to try to win his first major, and it will be no easy challenge with a field full of tough competitors. 

    Here are some reasons Rickie could come out on top and see how well that green jacket would match with his orange Sunday attire.

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Trend of New Players Winning

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    There has been a trend this season of younger players winning the tournaments. Maybe this is a new era and golf.

    One thing for sure is that whoever steps up from this generation could end up being the household name in golf. 

    With this trend of new winners on tour, maybe Rickie could continue it and get a win himself.

Ryder Cup Pressure

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    Fowler recently played for the Americans on the Ryder Cup team. Although the uniforms probably did not meet his standards, Fowler was still great.

    He halved his singles match and was special throughout the tournament.

    He really made a statement to the other young Americans that he was the next big thing. 

    The pressure that he met while playing for his country will help him at the Masters. This is the biggest stage in golf, and the golfer with the biggest wardrobe will have the nerves to compete.

Playing Good Golf

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    Fowler has been playing great golf as of late. This season he has had four top 20s. He has yet to break that hump of winning one though.

    It's only a matter of time before Rickie is able to step up and win a big one, and this could be his opportunity.

Wide Open Field

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    This tournament is one of the most wide open Masters of all time. Although Phil is hot at the moment, anything can happen and I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to predict this one.

    With everyone playing about equal at this point, it's anyones to win, and only a matter of who wants it the most.

Golf's Next Big Thing

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    Ricky Fowler is quickly emerging into golf's next big thing. He has the style and the pizzazz to become a household name and a recognizable image.

    What a better way to declare to the world that you are the golf's next big star than by coming out and dominating the Masters?

His Game Sets Up Perfectly for Augusta

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    Fowler's game sets up perfectly for Augusta. He is a very long hitter and generally has a killer short game.  Being a rookie could hurt him, but after practicing a few times this week on Augusta, surely he has a fairly good idea what he is in for.

    If he is on the game, and can make his putts, he might have what it takes to win this huge tournament, but only time will tell.

    One thing is for sure, win or lose, this kid is here to stay.