WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Previews and Predictions

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIApril 6, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Previews and Predictions

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    The first pay-per-view after WrestleMania is an opportunity for the creative department to spark new feuds or to continue old rivalries.

    There will be a series of different hardcore matches, which, in some cases, will serve to intensify the personal vendetta between the two wrestlers.

    This is a perfect forum for CM Punk and Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio to serve up WrestleMania rematches, for example.

    But there are many unanswered questions surrounding Extreme Rules 2011. Will Triple H wrestle at the anniversary of his last injury? Will the Undertaker make a return? Will the Rock show his face?

    Who will face The Miz for the WWE Championship and what will be the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship?

    This is my attempt to predict and preview what will happen at Extreme Rules 2011!

United States Championship Match: Sin Cara Vs. Sheamus

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    After Sin Cara's awe-inspiring debut on the Raw after WrestleMania and the clear message sent to Sheamus and his U.S title, this will no doubt be on the Extreme Rules card.

    This is likely to be the opening match on the card and will most likely be the only match of the night with no hardcore stipulations.

    It will be Sin Cara's pay-per-view debut and it will be an opportunity for him to showcase his wrestling talents.

    There is also a possibility that it will be a three-way match with Daniel Bryan, which would provide us with a potentially excellent match.

    This prediction, however, is based on the assumption that neither Sin Cara or Sheamus are drafted away to Smackdown.

    Another possibility is that Sheamus drops the title to Sin Cara on Raw in the coming weeks and is then drafted to Smackdown.

    This would then perhaps lead to an incredible match between Bryan and Sin Cara that would more than make up for the fact that the U.S title match was cut from the WrestleMania card. 

Awesome Kong Debut

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    After the predicted arrival of Awesome Kong for the Raw after Mania did not take place, it seems that they are maybe saving her debut for Extreme Rules.

    There are many possibilities for her entrance to the company, and the creative department have to make a decision.

    If they choose to debut her in the Divas division, it would have to eventually to lead to a feud with Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship.

    There has been talk of her acting as a bodyguard for LayCool but I do not think that this Diva duo will last much longer.

    An outside bet but my personal favorite scenario would be Kong debuting as a member of Punk's New Nexus.

Wade Barrett Vs. Big Show in a Lumberjack Match

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    This would be an easy way to utilize most of the Smackdown roster without booking them in other feuds. Wade Barrett also deserves a singles match after his 90 seconds in the ring at WrestleMania.

    The Corre would be at ringside and it would lead to a brawl between this hot young group and the Smackdown superstars.

    Barrett would have to go over to restore the Corre's credibility and he could put his Intercontinental title on the line to make a mid-card title seem important.

    However with my earlier prediction regarding the U.S title, it is unlikely that both mid-card titles will both be on the line at the same PPV.

    It would also mean that the tag team championships survive another pay-per-view without being defended. 

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk in a Street Fight

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    This would be a natural extension of the feud and would give both of these men the chance to put on the 5-star match that they could have had at WrestleMania given more time.

    This feud has been full of violence, and an Extreme Rules match would give them the opportunity to take things to the next level.

    If this match is booked, then expect the formerly punted members of the New Nexus or even old Nexus members like Skip Sheffield to interfere on Punk's behalf.

    This would allow Punk to go over, setting up a rubber match at the next pay-per-view.

The Rock to Show His Face on the Titantron

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    After the dream match between the Past and the Present was booked for the main event of WrestleMania 28, people have been wondering about the Rock's WWE involvement over the next year.

    I would expect Rocky to appear on the Titantron possibly to distract or to interrupt John Cena.

    It would be a shame if the Great One disappeared for a year after promising his fans that he would never leave again, and the Rock's presence in a non-wrestling capacity at Extreme Rules would add something. 

Cody Rhodes Vs. Rey Mysterio in a Mask Vs. Mask Match

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    There have been rumors for some time now that Rey Mysterio needs to take some time off due to his knees.

    There would be no better way for Rey to sell an injury than to have Rhodes viciously beat him down at Extreme Rules and then remove his mask.

    This would allow Rey to take time off and then he could return and re-ignite his feud with Cody. This would elevate Rhodes to a higher level and nothing would hurt Rey's character, as he is supposed to be an underdog.

    It is more likely that, if this match happens, then Cody will lose and Rey will remove his protective mask for the victory setting up the decider.

    Whatever happens, I still think that Cody Rhodes will eventually come out on top in this feud.

    Be warned that the next slide contains Smackdown spoilers,

Edge Vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match

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    This match was booked on the Tuesday tapings of Smackdown that will air on April 8 with Del Rio defeating Christian in a No. 1 Contender's match.

    This would be the the perfect opportunity for Christian to turn heel on Edge by costing him the World Heavyweight title.

    This could lead to a three way feud between these wrestlers elevating Christian to the main event and fulfilling Del Rio's destiny.

WWE Championship Match?

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    The obvious way to go would be to have Miz vs. Cena in a rematch for the WWE Championship with a possible Last Man Standing stipulation.

    If Cena is not going to be competing for a championship at WrestleMania 28, then it would be likely that the WWE will give him a long title reign over the course of the next year.

    I would prefer a full-fledged Miz vs. Morrison feud for the WWE title, but that could be wishful thinking as it would leave Cena without a feud.

    It is more likely that Morrison and Ziggler will be given a throwaway match, while Cena wins the WWE title again.

Raw GM Will Be Revealed

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    Inexplicably, the WWE seems to be continuing the Cole vs. King feud, and it has to be building towards Cole revealing as the mystery Raw General Manager.

    Who would reverse the decision of King's victory at WrestleMania? Technically, Cole is ruled out as there was no way he could have sent the email at Mania. 

    But then again, the WWE have disregarded attention to detail in the past.

    This gimmick is old and the fans want something new, so there has to be a reveal soon.

    At this point, JBL is the most likely candidate.

Triple H's Role?

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    Unless Triple H challenges The Miz for the WWE title, there are no other options for him as far as wrestling at Extreme Rules.

    But his promo on Raw hinted at the fact that when Undertaker returns, he is going to take him out.

    A career vs. career match could be a possibility somewhere down the line with HHH retiring the Undertaker.

    I doubt this match will take place so soon, but it is a possibility at Extreme Rules

The Final Word...

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    This article has been a mixture of likely occurrences, more unlikely predictions and some fantasy booking.

    There is no chance that all of these predictions will be correct but hopefully I will have hit the nail on the head with at least a few.

    Feel free to post and comment with your own predictions,,,