No Mercy 2008: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

If the WWE did their job, then every wrestling fan watched No Mercy.  So it's time to figure out if it was worth the price.

The first thing I want to bring up is the set.  Ever since the WWE went to HD, there normal set was always better looking than most of the pay-per-view sets.  Tonight, the No Mercy set actually looked really good.  It was very simple as it was a modification of what they usually do, but it was different enough to state that tonight was bigger than your normal wrestling event.

The opening match sees Matt Hardy defend his ECW Title against Mark Henry.  It's starting to bother me that ECW gets the opening matches at most of the pay-per-views.  I understand that everyone has already paid to see the event and placement isn't as important, but it does seem a little disrespectful that they only get one match and it opens the show.

The match itself was very slow paced.  It was the typical big guy story that they told.  Hardy would get in some offense before Henry would take control.  Henry did sell his knee attacks very well and the limp progressed through the match.

The Side Effect that Hardy gave Henry looked amazing and really got the crowd going.  The end was very well planned.  Henry goes for the World's Strongest Slam but Hardy attacks the knee and reverse to the Twist of Fate.  Hardy retains in a decent match.

It's really good to see that the Twist of Fate is being protected.  It's going to be a big deal when someone finally kicks out of it.

We get a backstage interview with Triple H and Jeff Hardy.  It was interesting to see that Triple H wasn't taking Jeff serious during the interview.  He was playing around with his phone and saying that he was pulling for Jeff to win.  This was interesting but would only work if Hardy wins the title tonight, otherwise it just makes Jeff look bad.

The next match is Beth Phoenix versus Candice Michelle for the WWE Women's Title.  Candice continues to show how bad she is with everything she does.  Even in her opening, she's missing all of her music cues; coming out at the wrong time in her song and pulling off her jacket at the wrong beat.

The match wasn't as bad as I was expecting but Beth is an amazing worker.  She kept the match interesting.  However, they never should have went for the arm bar.  Beth applied the arm bar on Candice's bad arm.  She was in the move for a long time and effectively mad her one of the strongest people in the locker room. 

We've seen for the past few weeks how legitimate the arm bar is because of Jamie Noble and now Candice stays in the hold for over a minute.  Everyone else taps out in a matter of seconds.

The match ends with Candice going for the Candy Wrapper and Beth reversing it to the Glam Slam.  It was a smart move to have Beth retain the title.  Now, for continuities sake, Kelly Kelly should be the number one contender.  For better stories sake, either Mickie James or Katie Lea should be fighting for that title.

We get Kane doing a promo backstage about his up coming match.  I didn't think that any of this is needed on a pay-per-view.  The point of a promo is to get people to buy your product.  Everyone watching already ordered the pay-per-view, so now is not the time to talk.  It's falling on deaf ears.

Rey Mysterio versus Kane is up next.  This match added nothing to the night.  This feud has been so convoluted from the beginning that it's just not entertaining to watch.  With the WWE throwing in the stipulation that Rey has to remove his mask if he loses but not heavily promote, it makes the match, and Rey Mysterio, look second rate.

The match had some good counters from Rey but it was just like all of the matches that these have been in before.  Mysterio continuously attacks Kane until he gets a power move in.  Kane beats on Rey for a short while before Rey counters and takes control.  Continue this pattern until the end of the match.

The ending was actually well thought out.  Mysterio goes for a dive off the top while Kane is on the floor.  Kane hits Mysterio with a chair and gets disqualified.  It was a good way of making Kane look strong and keeping Mysterio's mask on him.  The only thing I didn't like was that fact that Kane left right after that.  He should have continued to beat on him if really doesn't like as much as he claims.

We get a strange backstage segment with MVP going to Vickie Guerrero's office trying to figure out why he doesn't have a match.  The Big Show tells him to leave and MVP finds his way to the ring.

MVP cuts a promo stating that he's the best thing to happen to sports entertainment and should have a match.  This prompts Randy Orton to come out.  Orton is really starting to wear out his welcome and he's not even cleared to be in the ring yet.  I can only imagine how much he's going to be talking when he finally gets back.

Again, this is a pay-per-view.  People have already paid their money to see this and there shouldn't be any promos during these three hours. 

Priceless and Manu eventually come down to the ring and begin to talk smack to both Orton and MVP.  The fans begin a very loud boring chant but I know creative wasn't listening to them. 

Orton says that Priceless still hasn't done anything to prove their worth.  This story is loosing steam and Priceless keeps looking bad.  They never get the upper hand and they keep trying to get Orton's approval.  I don't know how many people can continue to care about this when the story has been the same for weeks now.

MVP tries to tell Priceless that they're all right in his book but they say that they want to have nothing to do with him.  This makes MVP walk out as C.M. Punk and Kofi Kingston come out.  This segment is just ridiculous now.  There is no reason for this to be happening on a pay-per-view.

Punk convinces MVP to attack Priceless as the odds are even now.  The three charge the ring only to have Punk and Kofi bail out on MVP so he gets attacked.  Then, Punk and Kofi decide to get in the ring and clear it out.

This made absolutely no sense.  There was no reason to have Punk trick MVP to get beat up if he was going to come in the ring to make the save.  It really doesn't seem like creative likes MVP.  He hasn't done anything since loosing the U.S. Title and he's quite possibly the best wrestler on Smackdown.  He seems to be a waste of talent right now.

Up next is the number one contenders match pitting Batista against JBL.  There really wasn't anything special about this match.  These two are still working the same match they did a few years back.  The fans seemed to be really behind it so whatever they're doing is working.

Batista gets the the win with the Batista Bomb to become the number one contender.  After the match, JBL gives a thank you speech to congress for the bail out.  I honesty thought he was giving a good bye speech.

Cryme Tyme is seen in the back stealing JBL's limo and inviting a bunch of the Divas to join them.  As bad as this segment was, it became worse to see Michelle McCool, the Divas Champion, involved in this.  She should be trying to build credibility for the title instead of using her body to try and capture the audiences attention.

The Undertaker versus The Big Show is next.  Both men showed great aggression during the match and had some good spots.  The flying lariat was done in a way that hadn't been seen in awhile with Taker having to dodge three attacks before hitting it.

The end sees Big Show exposing the turnbuckle and taking Undertakers head to it.  He then begins to punch Taker until the referee stops the match and awards it to Big Show.  This really made Show look great and didn't take anything away from The Undertaker.  Hopefully, this feud will end now as the undertaker has been defeated.

Triple H defends his WWE Title against Jeff Hardy.  This match was very well paced and actually came off very well.  The fans were behind it one hundred percent and the two worked very well with each other.

Triple H was working a heel style which seemed a little strange.  The end to this match was terrible.  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and connects with the Swanton Bomb, but at the count of two, Triple H reverse the pin and retains.

Both of these moves have so much credibility behind them and to have Triple H easy counter the pin was a bad idea.  Triple H has effectively buried another star.  No one is going to take Jeff serious after this.  He has had so many opportunities to win the title but has never been about to pull it off.  I can't imagine that anyone can see him as a legitimate threat to anyone holding the title.

Backstage, Triple H bumps into Vladimir Kozlov.  Kozlov congratulates triple H on the win and walks off.  It looks like Jeff Hardy was just dropped from this storyline.

The main event sees Chris Jericho versus Shawn Michaels for the World Title.  This match had so many new spots never seen in a ladder match.  Both of these men tried their hardest to make a memorable match and it worked.  This was one of the best ladder matches I've seen.

The intensity and the violence that both of these men showed was amazing.  For a story that's been dragging for the better part of the year, this was a nice match to have.  Hopefully it will end the feud.

The end sees Shawn going for the title when Lance Cade runs in.  While Shawn is distracted, Jericho has enough time to get to the top of the ladder.  Shawn meets him up there and they unstrap the title and have a tug of war contest with it.  Jericho eventually head butts Shawn and gets the title.  This end spot was amazing and will go down as one of the best endings to a ladder match. 

On a side note, Jericho lost a tooth during this match and at the end, he looked a lot like Chris Benoit when he smiled.  It was a little creepy and I'm more than willing to bet that Vince is going to have Jericho get that fixed as soon as possible.

Overall, the show was pretty good.  With the exception of a random talking scene with Orton, everything seemed to fit.  Some of the outcomes could have been better and Jeff Hardy was the only person effectively buried.  My rating: B


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