WWE WrestleMania 28 Dream Card-Past Vs. Present

Angel CervantesContributor IIIApril 6, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 28 Dream Card-Past Vs. Present

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    Well, we can officially check one dream match off our list as The Rock vs. John Cena has been made official for next year’s WrestleMania. If you had told me just six months ago that Cena vs. Rock was actually going to happen, well I would have called you insane.

    Now that it is happening, I’m going to look at other matches that would make next year a truly All-Star WrestleMania. The past and present collide in my ‘Dream WrestleMania.’

    By the way, I do realize how little chance the majority of these matches have of taking places. Doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. 

Rey Mysterio Vs. Sin Cara

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    Here we have two men who are on the current roster so the possibilities of this match happening are actually pretty good.

    Early in his career, both in ECW and WCW, Mysterio faced many luchadors with styles that matched his own. Mysterio stole the show countless times with names such as Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis. The thought of this match reminds me of some of those matches.

    The major difference now would be that Mysterio’s age and years in the business is finally catching up to him. Sin Cara has been thrust into a high profile feud immediately so it shows that WWE is not messing around or waiting in any way when it comes to Sin Cara.

    Despite Rey’s mileage, he can still get it done and the two would put on a hell of a match.

Edge Vs. Zack Ryder

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    Zack Ryder has the potential, he just needs the chance.

    Edge represents the past in this scenario but since he is a current superstar, he has already faced nearly every superstar on the roster so few matches involving the 'Rated R Superstar' would be referred to as dream matches.

    These two have history as Edge mentored Ryder back when he was teaming with Curt Hawkins.

    In order for this match to happen and mean something, Ryder is going to need an immediate push.

    Ryder has made the most out of what was seen as a lame gimmick and appears to have all of the tools necessary to become a star in WWE.

    If Ryder is released in the upcoming days, weeks or months or is just never pushed at all-well then just ignore this match and place whoever is the hottest young star at the time in this match instead.  

Kurt Angle Vs. Jack Swagger

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    Many would say that recently WWE has attempted to make Swagger an Angle clone.

    Well, the two men do have similar backgrounds, move-sets and even wear similar wrestling gear.

    Jack Swagger can be a beast when allowed to and it seems as if he is once again on the right path.

    Angle only has a minimum amount of gas left in the tank but the quality of the gas is what matters. Angle is one of the greatest superstars of all-time and what better way to make a return or say farewell to the WWE. 

Jeff Hardy Vs. CM Punk

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    Yes, these two feuded just before Hardy left the company. Yes, they faced off on the second biggest WWE PPV, Summerslam.

    These two men, however, never really got the great resolution that their feud needed. Many of us believed Hardy would return and continue the feud with Punk so I was definitely shocked when I found out Hardy had signed with TNA Wrestling.

    Well, assuming he’s clean, I believe Jeff will always be welcome back to WWE.

    CM Punk would also be a great foil for Stone Cold Steve Austin (or frankly, anyone he’s put up against), but I’d rather have Punk and Jeff continue and resolve their rivalry.

    The two men and their lifestyles could not be any more different and that is why this feud was instant magic and will continue to be whenever (or if) it ever happens again.

Triple H Vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    I believe these men have faced in dark matches but they have never wrestled in front of a national TV/PPV audience.

    Del Rio has suffered a huge setback in failing to win the World Title at WrestleMania, but I’m sure Del Rio will recover, be fine, and be the star that he is destined to be.

    Triple H has faced every big name there is to face so not too many dream matches are left for the game.

    This match-up would be fresh and could be very good. It will most likely happen as soon as both men are on the same show.

    Well, I believe they should save it for next year’s WrestleMania. Del Rio has the size, the presence, and everything else that’s needed to hang with Triple H and make this a marquee match-up.  

Shawn Michaels Vs. John Morrison

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    During the last years of Shawn’s career, he did not face too many young stars in high-profile matches. It’s a shame since a HBK-Morrison match had/has so much potential and could have made Morrison an instant star.

    It can also have a build-up like HBK-Jericho did for their WrestleMania 19 match. Morrison is often compared to a young HBK so who better to take Morrison to the next level than Michaels?

    I don’t believe it will happen because I truly believe HBK will stay retired. If the Taker-HHH match didn’t bring HBK out of retirement, I don’t see what else would.

    Still, it’s nice to dream and think about what could have been. If it ever happens, it will most likely steal the show and eclipse everything that came before or after as far as in-ring work

The Undertaker Vs. the Miz

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    The Miz? Really? Really? Initially I felt the same way but after thinking about it long and hard (that’s what she said), it makes sense.

    The Miz has been pushed to the moon and only continues to get better and cockier. Most of us finally see him carrying himself as a champion.

    Instead of The Undertaker once again facing a veteran and someone he has already faced, I believe he should face a young star-someone he has not faced. The Miz qualifies in both scenarios.

    The Miz and his arrogant mic skills would make it believable that he could be the man to get it done.

    WWE is firmly behind the Real World alum as he defeated their biggest star in the main event of WrestleMania. With the way he has been pushed and who he has defeated, the possibility of defeating the deadman would not be too illogical.

    Miz could also state that he’s undefeated at WrestleMania too and that the streak has never been in more danger. I’m not stating who should or shouldn’t win but rather that the match would work. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Randy Orton

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    Orton is currently modeling certain parts of his gimmick around Austin so who better for the viper to face.

    Health-wise it’s not too logical as we know Austin would not want to risk any further injury. But looking past that, in our dream scenario, this match would be epic.

    Cena-Orton and Rock-Austin will forever be linked to each other so this match would be very comparable to the Cena-Rock match. However, Orton currently does not receive the fan backlash that Cena receives.

    Surely, going against one of the most popular wrestlers ever in Austin, Orton would be treated just like Cena by the fans: half-cheers, half-boos. But regardless of that, any response is better than none.

    The intensity in this match-up would be off the charts and would rival that of Cena-Rock. 

The Rock Vs. John Cena

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    Well, this match is happening.

    Yes, we have to wait a year and in that time some of the anticipation will die down a bit but when time comes to pick it up again come January, anticipation will reach fever pitch.

    Announcing a match so far in advance has never been done but a match of this magnitude must break new ground and must take place on the biggest stage so after thinking about it, I love the idea.

    It will be insane and expectations will be huge as this is truly a match that so many never thought would happen.

    Well, it is happening, and it will be epic.