UFC 130: St-Pierre, Aldo, Lesnar, Jones and the 15 Greatest Athletes in the UFC

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UFC 130: St-Pierre, Aldo, Lesnar, Jones and the 15 Greatest Athletes in the UFC
UFC 129: Georges St-Pierre VS Jake Shields

Since the inception of the UFC, the greatest athletes have graced the legendary Octagon.  Possessing herculean strength, cat-like reflexes, awe-inspiring speed or the ability to contort their bodies into inhuman positions, ultimate fighters are the greatest athletes across all sports.

What defines an athlete?

According to the Random House College Dictionary, an athlete is "a person trained to compete in contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a trained competitor in a sport or exercise, or a game requiring physical skill."

As a former fighter and a college graduate with a degree in Exercise Physiology, I can state that ultimate fighting fulfills all the aspects of the definition of an athlete.  I know first hand the physical demands placed on a fighter's body.

Competition inside the cage requires the maximum abilities of all the body's energy systems, metabolic pathways, strength and conditioning and mental acuity.

In short, to be a successful mixed martial artist at the highest level, the human body must be pushed beyond any inconceivable measure.

Only the greatest athletes in the world can achieve this level of conditioning and execute their physical skills effectively inside the cage.

Please allow me to introduce the 15 greatest athletes who have adorned the four ounce gloves for the UFC.

I welcome your comments.

Todd Seyler

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