Chiefs-Panthers: Postgame Thoughts

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008


Hold on to your seats, Chiefs fans, our beloved red and gold are on a quest for a winning streak. Though things didn’t start out as one would hope for the Chiefs, both sides of the ball came into this game flat, perhaps they're still celebrating the upset victory over the Broncos last week. Chiefs players didn’t show the same fire and desire against Carolina as they did against their division rival.

Some disappointing game stats sum up this contest better then any words I could spill out. Larry Johnson had literally a heart-stopping five rushes for four yards in the first half, ending the game with two yards on seven attempts.

Plus, our patched-up offense didn’t pick up a first down until 9:12 of the second quarter. All the while, Herm seemed to always have a confused look on his face every time the camera crew would scan the down-and-out Chiefs' sideline.

Though I am still a firm believer in the youth movement of this once-proud franchise, we as Chiefs fans can expect the ups and downs that can come, week to week, with such a young roster.

That still doesn’t give them any reason to come out and not show any heart. I think a major factor in the games thus far has been if the Chiefs can get out of the gate effectively or not. We can’t forget that a lot of our young players are still gaining confidence that they can in fact play in the NFL.

Today isn’t a day the Chiefs need to dwell on. I think it would be wise to throw out the game film and just get back to finding ways to move the offense. Going into the bye week, the Chiefs need to work Brodie back into the offense.

I think, after watching a healthy Jake Delhomme affect both sides of the ball for the Panthers this week, you can’t stress enough the importance of quality quarterback play in the NFL.



It didn’t look like the same team on the field this week; the lone bright spot that I saw was the continued high level of play from linebacker Derrick Johnson. Though fear not, things can only get better from here.

I have confidence that the Chiefs will once again rise back to their high level of play. I am asking you to stick behind our young team and remember that one day the sea of red at our beloved Arrowhead will rock again.

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