The Rock: 10 Reasons Why He Must Return to the Ring

Joe KleiberCorrespondent IApril 5, 2011

FINALLY.....The Rock Has Come back to the WWE!!

The Rock has been involved since early February and has made quite the impact on John Cena, the Miz and the entire WWE Universe! The Rock hosted Wrestlemania 27 last Sunday night and gave John Cena the Rock Bottom before the Miz covered him to retain the WWE Championship. Cena wanted revenge so he called out the Rock last night on Monday night Raw.

Cena called out the Rock and the Rock responded by coming out and issuing Cena a challenge. He challenged Cena to a match at Wrestlemania 28!!! Cena gladly accepted and the main event is set for Wrestlemania 28!!

Why should the Rock return to the ring full-time? The Rock proved to the world that he hasn't missed a beat since he left seven years ago. he is still in amazing shape and the crowd still loves him. Here are ten reasons why the Rock must return to the ring.

1. The millions and millions of the Rock's fans still love him. Every time the Rock comes out nobody gets a bigger pop than the "People's Champ." He knows exactly how to work the crowd and hasn't missed a beat. He is still the most popular WWE superstar.

2. The Rock can still wrestle. The Rock hasn't wrestled in awhile, but he proved he can still perform his signature moves and hang with the current WWE superstars. He is still one of the greatest athletes in WWE and would put on more epic matches if he came back to the ring full-time.

3. He would create some great rivalries. The Rock already had a great feud with Cena and the Miz before Wrestlemania and there are plenty of other superstars he could have great rivalries with. Imagine the Rock and CM Punk, Rock versus Sheamus, Rock against Alberto Del Rio, Rock versus Wade Barrett and so many others! He can put on a great match with anybody and put over anybody he wants. Imagine if you are one of those superstars and get involved in a feud with the Rock! That could instantly boost your a career in a heartbeat!

4. He can still cut great promos. He has only cut a few promos since returning, but the Rock proved he can still put on a great promo. He said the Fruity Pebbles bit on Cena and now the crowd always chants fruity pebbles for Cena! Rock can still cut promos with the best of them and nobody does it better!

5. His movie career has hit a down slide. The Rock hasn't made a hit movie in awhile. He hasn't been the top action star he had hoped to be so far. The Rock should return to what he does best, not make movies like the "Tooth Fairy." Yes he still makes a lot of money on these films, but he still has a lot left in the tank.

6. He is still young enough to compete. Rock is only 38 years old. He can extend his wrestling career for quite awhile still if he wants to. Now would be the time to return though since everybody is talking about him since his return.

7. He is still in great shape. Rock is still in the best shape of his life right now. You don't see many other guys that are in better shape than the Rock. There is no denying that the ladies still love to see him.

8. The Rock equals cash. How many more buy rates were there since the Rock was hosting Wrestlemania 27? Clearly he still produces billions of dollars for the WWE. It's not often that a superstar returns after seven years and still brings in tons of money for a company. He and Stone Cold still bring in the most cash for the WWE, because of their names and what they have done in the past.

9. The Rock is the greatest superstar of all-time. If you combine his charisma, skills and mic skills, he is the greatest ever. Nobody can top him and he can continue to prove he's the best at age 38.

10. He needs one last run in WWE. Shawn Michaels has a great last run in WWE, Hogan had a good last run in WWE, so why can't the Rock? He needs one last run full-time to have a great ending to his historic career.