WWE No Mercy Results and Review

C CCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

Okay, so here are the results from tonight's "No Mercy" PPV. I'll also give my opinions on the matches and thoughts on the entire show at the end.

Pre-Show Dark Match: Carlito & Primo Colon V. John Morrison & The Miz

Carlito & Primo Colon win. Obviously, this wasn't aired so I have no review of the match, I just have the result, which I got from ewrestlingnews.com, so I figured I'd add it.


Opening Match

Matt Hardy (c) V. Mark Henry ECW Championship Match

Not much of a crowd reaction for Mark Henry. No pop obviously but also not many boos, pretty quiet for his entrance. On the other hand, a good pop from the crowd for Matt Hardy when he enters.

The match begins with both men grappling each other and Mark Henry taking the early offense. He gets the upper hand and proceeds to pound on Hardy with blows to the head and kicks to the stomach.

This continues for about another minute and a half until Matt Hardy reverses Mark Henry holding him up to put him on the turnbuckle for some sort of slam. Hardy loses the momentum quickly though, which leads to the two going back and forth with dishing out the attacks.

The match is rather boring to this point, but the fans seem to be into it getting behind Hardy who is pretty much losing the match to this point. Henry continues to dominate for about another three or four minutes until Hardy gains the momentum back.

He hits Mark Henry with an elbow off the top rope and then the twist of fate. Matt attempts the pin but Henry kicks out after two. The match continues for about another minute until Hardy hits another twist of fate, this time to get the three-count and retain the title.

My thoughts: Decent match to get the crowd into the event, although it was pretty boring. Not much to expect in an ECW title match, and the match went back and forth for the most part with Matt winning unsurprisingly. The young fans really love the Hardys, and Matt's doing great on ECW, so I don't see why he would lose the title anytime soon.

Next there is a promo with HHH and Jeff Hardy to promote some new WWE mobile promotion. The two talk back and forth with HHH saying how he is a big fan of Hardy's work and he wants him to give it everything he's got in their match tonight. Hardy says he appreciates it, but he will be priding himself on taking HHH's title tonight.


Beth Phoenix (c) V. Candice Michelle Womens Championship Match

I won't go into much detail with this match, but I will give the decision, which is Beth Phoenix winning with the Glam Slam, due to some inadvertent interference by Santino Marella.

Next is a promo from Kane where he says tonight will be the night for Rey Mysterio to be unmasked, and it will destroy his confidence and everything he hides behind. He also comments on the WWE fans, saying they too will be "unmasked" tonight. This leads into Rey's entrance to the arena...

Kane V. Rey Mysterio

Rey enters like he usually does, talking to the kids and giving them high fives. The match begins and Michael Cole makes a comment that Rey is wearing a Blue and Yellow colored mask to represent the ancient aztec warrior fighting colors, which he hopes will give him strength tonight. Interesting point.

Anyway, the match begins with Rey doing some quick reversals on Kane to gain the momentum, only to have it shut down by a big boot from Kane. Mysterio recovers and keeps going at Kane until he is stopped once again by a clothesline.

The match continues going back and forth between the two with Mysterio getting caught in many of Kane's moves, only to reverse them. Kane even goes on to try an rip Mysterio's mask off on his own during the match.

The bout ends when Mysterio goes for a splash off the turnbuckle to Kane who was standing outside the ring by the timekeeper. Kane pulls out a chair and holds it up for Mysterio to land on. Kane gets DQ'd and Rey will keep his mask on for now.

My Thoughts: Good match, didn't expect it to end the way it did. I thought Mysterio would lose and have to take off his mask.

Next is a promo with MVP talking on his cell phone backstage complaining to someone about how he doesn't have a match tonight. He goes up to Vickie Guerrero's locker room to be greeted by Big Show, who tells him she cannot be bothered right now.

After the promo, MVP makes his way out to the arena and cuts another promo saying how "if you're the Cleveland Cavs, you do not bench LeBron James" and how he should not be benched for tonight's event, since the entire WWE Universe revolves around him.

He goes on a bit more, only to be interrupted by Randy Orton, who comes out and says what MVP is talking about is actually him. The two continue to trash talk each other, possibly building a feud for when Orton returns, when "Simply Priceless" enter.

Cody Rhodes begins on the mic saying how Orton graduated high school but never went to college and just "coasted by on his high school reputation" until he became a wrestler.

Orton goes on to say he can tell they're trying really hard to impress him and maybe they can once they accomplish half of what he has. Orton proceeds to leave the ring as if he doesn't care about what any of them have to say.

MVP tries to tell Simply Priceless he wouldn't mind being a part of their team, until Ted DiBiase shuts him down by reminding him his father was not one of the greatest WWE superstars like theirs.

MVP goes on to leave the ring until CM Punk and Kofi Kingston come out and convince him to team up with them. The three run down to the ring to attack Simply Priceless, but Punk and Kofi stay back and let MVP go it alone into the ring.

They all go on to have a short brawl, and after it concludes they cut to a shot of Jericho and HBK preparing for tonight's match.

Next Match:


JBL V. Batista World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Match

JBL enters to no reaction except some boos. Batista is the complete opposite and he gets a tremendous pop when he enters. The match begins with the men exchanging blows until Batista takes the offensive.

JBL gets momentum back after a boot to the face and then goes for the clothesline from hell, which Batista avoids and then hits JBL with a spear. The two go outside the ring and go at it for about a minute until they go back into the ring.

Batista pretty much controls the match from here on out, and ends up winning the match on a Batista bomb.

JBL goes on to talk on the mic after the match when he is recovering, saying how it has been an awful week for him and how he thought he would surely be going on to face HBK or Jericho after tonight's match.

He says his "heart wasn't in this tonight and after the week on Wall Street, this is the most dramatic week of my life." He keeps talking about politics and other crap, until he is interrupted by Cryme Tyme, who are standing by his limousine backstage.

They tell him they're going to take his limo out on the town and have a bunch of ladies walk up to get in with them. Sgt. Slaughter hops in, too, which was the best part of the segment.

My thoughts: I'm not a fan of either of them, so I really wasn't sold on the match. It was a pretty quick match, only about 10 minutes surprisingly, but something I'm thankful of. The promo afterwards was horrible, besides the Sgt. Slaughter bit as mentioned.

Next is a teaser for the Big Show-Undertaker match summing up the feud for the past few weeks, leading up to the match.


Big Show V. Undertaker

Match starts with Undertaker giving some shots to Big Show's face. Show gets a kick in and throws Taker out of the ring. Undertaker jumps up on the apron and delivers some more shots to the face.

Big Show comes out of the ring and whips Taker into the barrier. Undertaker recovers and throws Big Show into the ringpost. Undertaker now has the strong offensive. They take it back into the ring, and Big Show gets the momentum back once again.

They continue going back and forth until Big Show goes for a chokeslam and Undertaker reverses it into a DDT. Undertaker tries to pin him, but he kicks out and after recovering removes a turnbuckle cover on one of the ring posts.

He throws Undertaker into it then proceeds to deliver some serious blows the head which knock The Undertaker out. Ref calls for the bell on a KO. He walks out acting as if he is confused where he is and having a difficult time walking straight.

My thoughts: I thought Undertaker would win and get his revenge from Unforgiven. Guess I was wrong as he basically got beaten pretty bad again.

Next is a screen showing a WWE mobile survey result as to who will win tonight's match: Jeff Hardy or HHH. 72 percent of fans think Jeff Hardy, while 28 percent think HHH. Then we see a promo to build up the match like usual.

HHH V. Jeff Hardy WWE Championship Match

Both stars are well received by the fans, about equal noise for each when they are introduced. The match starts with both men shaking hands, then HHH attacking Jeff when he turns his back.

HHH goes for a quick rollup pin after taking him down but Jeff kicks out, and the two square off. Jeff is making HHH fight his style of match, quick and fast, which is giving HHH a hard time.

Hardy gets the upper hand and controls the match using his reversals and quick maneuvering. He keeps up for about five minutes until he tries an aerial move on HHH after throwing him out of the ring which he misses.

HHH is now controlling the match for about five minutes also. The two men continue going at it, both pretty much exhausted and having trouble staying on their feet. The fans really want to see a title change and are really behind Hardy at this point.

Hardy attempts a Whisper in the Wind but HHH stops him. He then goes on to attempt a pedigree, which Hardy reverses and leads into both men attempting their finishing moves on each other numerous times, with each one countering the other's.

In the end, Jeff hits the swanton then goes for the pin, only to have HHH roll him up after a Jeff's two-count to win the match. Both men shake hands after the match.

My thoughts: Good match, thought that HHH would retain the title. Certain spots had me thinking Jeff might have a chance at winning, which made it a decent match in my opinion.

Post Match: HHH is congratulated by Arn Anderson (which I loved) and he is also stared down by Vladimir Kozlov, who will most likely be an upcoming contender for the title it seems.


Chris Jericho V. Shawn Michaels World Heavyweight Championship Ladder match

Jericho enters to no reaction whatsoever from the crowd, he also walks under a ladder on his way to the ring. Note: no Lance Cade. HBK gets a pretty good pop from the crowd and Jericho gets good heat; no surprises here.

The match starts with HBK on the offensive trying a Sweet Chin Music early, which Jericho avoids and allows him to get the momentum. They start using the ladders, and HBK makes the first attempt at the title.

Jericho stops him and brings him back to the mat to fight some more, until HBK makes another attempt which Jericho stops by pushing the entire ladder down.

Jericho is bleeding from the mouth at this point. Jericho gets his leg caught in the ladder which injures him and HBK capitalizes on this by putting him in a figure four.

He doesn't hold the momentum for long, though, and Jericho gets it back laying HBK between the ladder and slamming it shut with him in the middle.

After this, Jericho makes an attempt for the title, which HBK stops by knocking the ladder over. Jericho still holds the momentum, though, until HBK throws him into the ladder positioned on top of the ringpost.

After Jericho falls out of the ring, HBK takes the ladder and throws it on top of him and then proceeds outside the ring also. He goes on to slam Jericho numerous times with a ladder and then on to dismantle the announcers' table.

He lays Jericho on the table and climbs a ladder he has set up next to it. Jericho is able to recover and climbs the ladder to make HBK and himself fall through the announcers' table.

Jericho takes most of the fall, and HBK is first to recover, but Jericho follows and both men go back into the ring. HBK tries setting up some sort of move off the top turnbuckle holding the ladder in front of him and Jericho kicks it into his face.

Jericho then gets on top of the ladder to exchange blows with HBK. HBK pushes the ladder down and then attempts a flying elbow, which Jericho blocks with the ladder.

Michaels is hurt but stays on his feet getting ready for a Sweet Chin Music. He goes for the kick but Jericho throws the ladder into him which takes him down. Jericho now has control, making strong use of the ladder on HBK.

He proceeds to pin HBK under the bottom rung of the ladder so he cannot escape, but when he gets about 3/4 up the ladder, HBK is able to push the ladder up, which leads to Jericho falling off the ladder and out of the ring.

Jericho is down outside the ring, giving HBK a good chance to win the match. He tries to get the belt getting all the way up, but Jericho is able to get back in the ring to knock the ladder over.

Jericho sets the ladder back up and begins climbing, followed by HBK. The two battle it out on top of the ladder and Lance Cade comes out to help out Jericho. HBK is able to knock Jericho off the ladder and is about to grab the title until Lance Cade comes out and pulls him off the ladder.

HBK knocks Lance Cade out of the picture and climbs back up the ladder with Jericho. Both men are in a "tug of war" with the belt and HBK inadvertently pulls Jericho back up to headbutt him and HBK falls of the ladder, allowing Jericho to grab the title for the win.

My thoughts: Great match, Jericho lost a tooth or broke one, because he was missing one after the match. He also got busted up again showing he's a true performer, I really like his work. Overall, great match. HBK was good as well.


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