Panthers Keep Rolling with Solid Win Over Chiefs

Eric QuackenbushSenior Analyst IOctober 5, 2008

The Carolina Panthers played like the steamroller they are, and what a convincing victory it was, as the Panthers (4-1) finished with the most lopsided victory—34 to 0—in the franchise's history.

In addition to the lopsided victory, the Panthers are finally starting to look very impressive playing at home. Over the past few years, the Panthers were a team that would play down to their opponent's level if they had a decent margin of points—which often cost them the game.

I am starting to rethink the "Cardiac Cats" moniker that I was so quick to bestow upon them again, but I'll wait and see how Carolina fares during the next few games.

The stadium was so alive, as fans could not stay in their seats. I could hear crowd noise through the television set—so loud that I felt like I was at Bank of America Stadium cheering on the Cats with my fellow Panthers fans.

Jake Delhomme had an outstanding day—he was 14-of-22 for 236 yards, two touchdowns, and one INT.

DeAngelo Williams is looking like an awesome power running back. What an excellent day he had, contributing 20 carries for 123 yards rushing and three touchdowns!

Jonathan Stewart also had a productive day, as he added 19 carries for 72 yards rushing and one lost ball.

There was an injury to one of the Panthers' wide receivers, DJ Hackett, on the opening kickoff. It's supposed to have been some type of knee injury, but I haven't heard any updates on that injury as of yet.

Steve Smith made a nice contribution, adding six catches for 96 yards, but no touchdowns Sunday.

How about Muhsin Muhammad? He's not looking bad—three receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown—for being 35 years old and supposedly "washed up" according to all the experts.

The Panthers' defense really overwhelmed the Kansas City offense—three sacks, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles.

Yet again, there were a few needless penalties called on the Panthers' defense, although it was not as many as they've committed in past games. To say the Panthers are improving on not committing penalties as a whole is right on target. They are definitely working hard at committing fewer costly penalties.

The Panthers' next opponent comes against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Check back later this week as I will put together a game preview on this, the second division match for the Carolina Panthers.