Vanderbilt Proves that Their First Four Wins Weren't Flukes

c dockensCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

After the first quarter of Saturday's game, Vandy found themselves trailing by 13 points—the most they have trailed by all season. 

In the second quarter, Vanderbilt's luck appeared to take a turn for the worse, when star quarterback, Chris Nixon left the game with an injury. Back up quarterback, Mackenzi Adams, checked into the game and played nearly flawless, leading the Commodores to two scoring drives, one in the second quarter and one in the third.

With his second touchdown pass Adams tied the game, and kicker Brian Hahnfeldt drove home the extra point, to give the commodores a one point lead. Vanderbilt's defense stepped up and held Auburn scoreless for three quarters, giving Vandy the one point victory.

There were many outstanding players for Vandy. To start with Mackenzi Adams, looked like a season veteran under center. Adams completed 13 0f 23 for 153 yard and two scores. Adams, revealed his is a dual threat qb, running for 54 yards on 13 carries.

Wide recievers, Justin Wheeler, and Sean Walker, kept the Auburn secondary on their toes. Walker and Wheeler combined for 118 yards and a touchdown.

The whole Vanderbilt defense, was outstanding, holding Auburn to just 82 yards in the last three quarters combined. The 'Dores defense also racked up five sacks by five different players, and preserved a phenomenal turnover ratio, averaging +1.80 turnovers a game. If I had to chose a defensive MVP it would be defensive back Myron Lewis who intercepted Chris Todd's final pass to Rodriqus Smith, to seal the deal for Vandy.

Following this historical upset, Vandy is 5-0, (3-0 in SEC). All of Vandy's wins this year, excluding their win against Miami Ohio, have been comeback victories. This weekends victory against Auburn, found the Commodores having to overcome their biggest deficit of the year, 13 points. I guess you could aptly call Vandy the little team who could. Though they have been down, the tenacious Commodores have not been out.

We still have a long way to go, but don't count Bobby Johnson and his Commodores out yet. If they were to win the SEC east, they would have to upset Florida or Georgia, maybe even both. It is a long shot, but Vandy proved if you have hope, determination, grit, and never accept defeat you can accomplish the impossible.

Despite Vandy's ranking, they will be the underdog in many of their remaining games, and that seems to be a role they are quite comfortable in.

Next weekend the Commodores take on Mississippi State, trying to seal their first bowl appearance since 1982. After that Vanderbilt will face Georgia, can Bobby Johnson and his Commodores making lightning strike twice? 

A college football fan can only hope so.