WWE WrestleMania XXVII: My Long Thoughts on the Event

Angel CervantesContributor IIIApril 4, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match

First off, I was very surprised when I saw Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez at ringside as the show opened. I was shocked to find out that the World Title Match would go on first.

At first, I was a little upset, but after processing it, I saw it as a good thing. WWE was trying to open their show in the biggest way possible, and so I give them praise for trying something new.

I’m a fan of both Edge and Del Rio, so either way I knew I would be good with the outcome of the match. My prediction going in was that Edge would win since so many people just swore that Del Rio could not lose. Deep down, I really wanted Del Rio to win, so as the spear was hit and the bell rang, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.

Where does Alberto Del Rio go from here? Is it some kind of immediate rematch at the next PPV, or is it to the back of the line for the Mexican aristocrat? If he does win the World Title in the upcoming months, will it still be a huge deal? Time will tell on that one.

As far as Edge goes, good for him. He finally received his huge WrestleMania win and actually walked out of WrestleMania as champ for once. Excluding the quick drop to Ziggler, his reign(s) probably ranks as his best and has added some much needed stability to the World Title.

No heel turn for Christian and I’m okay with that. So is he up next for the title shot against his buddy, or does he focus solely on Del Rio? Do we get some kind of triple threat, or is Christian just going to be ignored once again and pushed back down to the mid-card? Whatever does happen, I just hope Christian finally gets his.


Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

These two did an amazing job all around and deserve many props—Cody Rhodes for seemingly rising to the next level, and Mysterio for putting the young talent over.

These two had a couple great moments, but the one that sticks out was Rhodes’ delayed superplex on Mysterio. It was a dangerous but spectacular move—well done.

This was one of the better matches on the card and now poses several questions as far as where the two go from here.

Rey Mysterio will most likely get his win back at some point and as over as he is, he will not be hurt by the loss in anyway. Who does he feud with next? Will he take time off? There’s a lot of interesting possibilities.

Young Rhodes’ stock has never been higher. After being buried at last year’s Mania, he comes out looking like a star, defeating the former World Champion. So with the fact that Edge retained and Rhodes got the huge victory, could a World Title feud and match soon follow for Cody? I say bring it on—Cody’s ready.


Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Well, glad to see Kofi make it on the actual card. The match itself was not horrible in anyway—it was just way too short. Triple H’s entrance alone was probably longer than this entire match.

Given an extra five minutes, it could have been a really fun match. Instead, no one on The Corre got a chance to stick out and everything was rushed.

Kane was out there? Barrett? I would have totally believed you if you told me otherwise. The only ones that actually benefited from the match were Santino Marella and The Big Show. I would have at least preferred for Santino to make the cover. Oh well.

I’m not exactly thrilled at the way The Corre was buried either as I really thought this would be a showcase for Wade. I guess he has to be patient and wait his turn.


CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

When Orton showed up limping and with his knee bandaged this past Monday, I was worried the match would suffer for it. For the most part, I was right. Orton can be very explosive, but since he had the knee "injury" he could never take it to full speed.

People are complaining at the time given for this match, but I felt it was about right. It didn’t feel rushed and the two had plenty of downtime. It certainly wasn’t as rushed as Punk’s match last year.

There were several moments where I felt Punk had the chance to win. As Orton attempted the skull punt to Punk and his leg gave out, I thought Punk would pull it off. Punk would immediately go for the GTS and walk out the winner. But no, as soon as Punk hesitated and began with the cocky smirks, I came to my senses.

Punk prepared for the springboard and it was obvious it would lead to an RKO. I am an Orton fan as well however, so I wasn’t too disappointed. I just know that Punk would have benefited more from the victory.

Does CM Punk continue to feud with Orton? If not, where does he go from here? Perhaps, a "demotion" over to the blue brand? As far as Orton goes, perhaps he sets his sights back onto the WWE Title?


Lawler vs. Cole

This match was a mess, but it was expected. No one expected a wrestling clinic, and those who did were just setting up themselves for failure.

The match did exactly what it was supposed to do and my only complaint was that it was about 5-10 minutes too long. Much like the Bret-Vince match from last year, it could have still accomplished everything it needed to in about five minutes.

Michael Cole has finally found the right balance as far as being the annoying heel and he’ll be able to milk his Mania victory for a while. Lawler suffers in no way, and is most likely just glad to get his Mania match. Hopefully, now he sticks to the background.

I also hope that this whole angle leads to a resurrection of Swagger’s career.

Same old, same old with Austin: stunner, beer bash, etc. However, people will always be happy with that so why go against what works?

Again, my only complaint is that the angle/match went about ten minutes too long.


The Undertaker vs. Triple H

I didn’t think these two had it in them. As the match finished, I was genuinely surprised and glad that the two men pulled it off. Yes, it’s predictable, but so what? For a few minutes, Triple H made the people in the Georgia Dome believe that the streak could end.

In hindsight, people can now say that it was too predictable and that they never believed Taker would actually lose—those people are just trying to save face or cover themselves up for "believing."

As a man who doesn’t generally like Triple H, I give him all the props in the world for the match. He brought something new to what could have been considered predictable. I loved the role reversal from last WrestleMania as Taker was in the position that Shawn was in last year. Taker took a massive beating and as the third pedigree immediately followed the second, I believed it could happen.

As Triple H prepared for the tombstone, I surely thought Taker would counter and deliver his own, so I was shocked when Triple H actually nailed the tombstone on the dead man.

My favorite spot from the match was when Taker was getting back on his feet and attempted to chokeslam Triple H. Triple H just grabbed Taker’s hand and shook his head like, "Not tonight!"

A round of applause to both men for doing what I believed they could not do. It wasn’t a classic for me, simply because while the last half of it was amazing, the first half was just okay.

Triple H was in hell’s gate way too long, but he did say he would win or die trying, right? I expect long absences from both men.


Mixed-Tag Match

As far as this match goes, I have pretty much the same complaint that everyone else has. Why did John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler not even get tagged into the match? Morrison really only got the one big spot, hitting the starship pain on Ziggler on the outside of the ring. It’s a shame.

It also seemed as if the only thing Layla got to do in the match was get shoved by Michelle. The majority of the short match was between Michelle and Trish and while I wouldn’t mind a singles match between the two, the other competitors should have been given more of a chance to shine.

Snooki got booed immensely but embraced it, then hit the perfect cartwheels into the butt bump on Michelle. No complaints here as far as Snooki goes since her involvement was short and sweet.

I was also expecting Layla to take the pin, so I was kind of shocked to see Snooki pin Mrs. Taker. Either way, at least Morrison got his first Mania win and we got a short, entertaining match.


WWE Title Match

I absolutely loved the video packages that each man had before the match. They gave the matchup the big fight feel it deserved. I wasn’t a huge fan of the choir that Cena used for his entrance, but at least he continues to try new things.

No surprises as far as the crowd reactions. Cena would get half cheered-half booed, while you could also say the same for Miz. The match itself was a little underwhelming, as most fans were just waiting for The Rock’s involvement.

Great to see The Miz do what so few have done and kick out of Cena’s attitude adjustment. Not a fan at all of the double count-out, but I don’t think anyone actually believed it would end like that. As The Rock came down and the match was forced to continue, I thought Miz was screwed for sure, but that would immediately change.

Miz quickly escaped a second attitude adjustment, and as Cena turned around, the place went insane when The Rock hit Cena with the rock bottom.

We all knew Cena would get his receipt, the only question was how. As Rock walked out of the ring, The Miz hesitated to cover and I began to think Cena would kick out. The ref slapped the mat for the third time and I was surprised as the Georgia Dome exploded.

The Miz joined the short list of heels to win in the main-event at WrestleMania and successfully defend his WWE Championship. The Miz has definitely made it. I was a bit disappointed that he did not get to celebrate as the show ended—as that honor instead went to Rock—but that’s what the people wanted so that’s what they got.

Don’t feel too sorry for Cena, as I’m sure he’ll quickly bounce back, and hopefully it leads to more confrontations between Rock and Cena.

I’ll make it clear, I don’t want Cena to turn heel, but I wouldn’t mind an angrier, cockier Cena. As much as an unpopular choice it is, if I had to choose between Rock and Cena, I’d say I’m on team Cena (unless Rock came back full-time, but that of course won’t happen).



The disappointment of the night for me was when the ring announcer announced on the pre-show that the United States match was coming up. My response was simply, "Wow!" I can’t believe they screwed over Sheamus and Daniel Bryan that way.

I really hope both men overcome the setback, as I am a fan and see potential in both. Just remember, The Miz got bumped off of the main card two years ago at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, and look what he has accomplished—keep your heads up.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the best WrestleMania of all-time or anything, so I was very satisfied with the overall card. Naturally, many will disagree and say what an embarrassment it was, or how it was the worst Mania ever. That’s okay too—to each their own, WWE will never win everyone over.

For me, the weekend and experience was amazing and WrestleMania 27 delivered. I cannot wait to view it at home and see how I feel upon second and third viewings. WrestleMania has come and gone—I’m exhausted.


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