Monday Round-Up! Post WrestleMania Blues, RAW Tonight & More

Duane DooganCorrespondent IApril 4, 2011

- The day after WrestleMania and it looks like we have to watch RAW tonight to see what's going on with everything. Which is just cheating the paying fan out of his money and giving it away on TV.

Because I don't feel anything was wrapped up last night, it was the start of stories as opposed to the end and it doesn't feel like the first night of the wrestling year tonight as it should.

- The Rock has a big announcement tonight he teased earlier today. Surely it won't be a match? He says he's open to wrestling again so I see him and John Cena, but if they wrestle it'll be at SummerSlam at the earliest.

We sure as hell aren't gonna see The Rock wrestle on Extreme Rules or Over The Limit.

- Who else thought that they made a mess of the Hall of Fame segment last night, sure Shawn Michaels got his own music but he deserved more.

In 2005, Hulk Hogan had the run in and the moment of glory in the red and yellow in the ring, the same year Roddy Piper got to host Piper's Pit.

In 2009, Ricky Steamboat wrestled alongside his induction, two years ago Stone Cold got his beer bash. Where was Michaels' moment? Because coming out on his own or not, he didn't get it.

- I myself, feel quite cheated about not seeing Sheamus & Daniel Bryan on the card. I paid my money to the cable provider and as an Irishman seeing Sheamus was a huge selling point.

Yes, here in Ireland, WrestleMania was only the equivalent of $33, but I still feel cheated out of my money. I hope we get it tonight on RAW, a clean 10+ min match with a clean finish.

- Anyone else cringe when WWE announced the all-time "entertainment" event ever in the Atlanta Dome?

This was of course because a sports event got over 4,000 more than WrestleMania, but still the house that showcased Bill Goldberg's first WCW Title win over Hollywood Hogan 13 years ago had a larger crowd than 'Mania for… wait for it… the Backstreet Boys.

If they were gonna lie and say it's the record, why not just add 5,000 people and make it seem legit rather than blatantly wrong?

- Who's excited for Tough Enough? Is it NXT in a different format, because unlike previous Tough Enough's the participants know how to wrestle. So don't get excited there may be obstacle courses around the corner.

- Is it a coincidence that John Cena's new T-shirt looks the most like the box of fruity pebbles than any of his previous ones?

- So World Wrestling Entertainment is now more? It's simply WWE, it's funny that they eliminated the world 'wrestling' from their brand name the day before WrestleMania.

I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the name to just 'Mania soon, the same way The Great American Bash became The Bash. Give a few years I guarantee you it will happen.

- Kurt Angle went a bit mad on Twitter giving out about, Randy Orton, Michael Cole, Jack Swagger & Jerry Lawler using his moves at WrestleMania only to U-turn say he doesn't care and then U-turn again and say his account was hacked yet he still doesn't care. Quite the read if you scroll through his timeline. Check him out at @anglefoods1

- Speaking of Twitter, Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer is also pissed off and venting over Twitter, he's giving out about fans and wrestlers alike who take things out of context and abuse him because of it. You can follow his tweets at @wweURNiverse

- Who's getting future endeavored this week? The future looks grim for young talent like The Usos, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta; however, don't count out such names as Evan Bourne, William Regal, Chris Masters…or even Ted DiBiase. They could easily shock us with who gets the inevitable cut within the next few weeks.