WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: 10 Things We Learned from Randy Orton's Win

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIApril 4, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: 10 Things We Learned from Randy Orton's Win

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    The seeds of the Randy Orton and CM Punk rivalry were planted in late 2008 when Orton and CM Punk began to exchange words on Monday Night Raw.

    Orton then attacked CM Punk at Unforgiven in 2008 before Punk’s World Heavyweight Championship match. The match, which was a scramble championship match, went on to be won by Chris Jericho. Thus, CM Punk lost his title.

    After that, CM Punk vowed revenge on Orton. Fast-forward to 2011 and this is where the rivalry picks up

    It felt a little odd watching the rivalry unfold at first due to Orton and CM Punk swapping roles. When Randy Orton attacked CM Punk he was the heel and CM Punk was the innocent baby face who had been blindsided and screwed out of his championship, but it was CM Punk’s bitterness that made this storyline work.

    It’s a match many had wanted to see since 2008, and fans waited patiently until the day came that they would finally wrestle. Orton, the anti-hero face of WWE, and CM Punk, the straight-edge preacher, seemed like perfect oppositions to feud.

    To top it off, they are both extremely dedicated performers and wrestlers. Fans were sure to be in for a treat at WrestleMania.

    And they did not disappoint. The match was intense and heated like fans had hoped for. Both men raised the bar and gave it their all. CM Punk tried to go for Orton’s weak leg but Randy Orton was not going to give up that easily. The match ultimately ended with Orton RKO’ing CM Punk for the win.

    But what does Orton’s win really show us? And what have we learned from Orton’s win?

    In this slideshow, I am going to touch base on 10 things we learned from Randy Orton’s win at Mania.

Orton Is Still On Top

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    Orton doesn’t just give away victories. He sets out to win and does not aim to fail.

Orton Is Always One Step Ahead

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    CM Punk thought he had Orton defeated. How wrong he was.

This Storyline Could Last a While Longer

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    I am really liking this storyline and do not want it to be brushed off as a filler storyline. These two have great chemistry in the ring.

CM Punk Needs to Raise His Game

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    If you lose then there is obviously something you were doing wrong. You were not as good as your opponent!

Orton Deserves Another Title Shot

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    Orton’s performance shows he deserves another title match or at least a contender match.

CM Punk Is Weak Without the Nexus

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    Without them, he lost.


Orton’s Injuries Won't Hold Him Down

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    Orton always seems to be suffering from injuries, but he never lets them hold him back.

WWE Believes in Orton

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    Time after time, Orton is shown as a strong force, and not to be messed with.

Orton Will Always Have One RKO Left

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    I think the end result of the match proves this.

Orton and CM Punk Can Put On an Amazing Match

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    Any fan that watched the match can agree with this.