WWE Wrestlemania 27 Recap: Did It Live Up to the Hype?

Gene GrayContributor IJune 18, 2011

The Rock in his guest host role at WrestleMania 27
The Rock in his guest host role at WrestleMania 27

Okay, so I know I posted this article about 3 months too late. My laptop won't let me upload images from my computer and getty. You have to have a picture to upload an article to Bleacher. So even though I wrote this after Wrestlemania, I did not publish it because I couldn't. When I finally remembered to get to a computer lab and upload the opening picture it was already 3 months too late. But I decided that since I had already written the article I should post it. I wanted opinions on how good the article was and if I could have done anything differently. Would this article have been good if it was posted right after Wrestlemania 27? Thanks for the feedback.



Since I had to work last night, I did not get to see the whole spectacle that WWE put on. What I did see, though, left a lasting impression, at least through the next week. For the record, I was 5-3 for WrestleMania 27.


Edge def Albert Del Rio: Did not expect that to happen. It was his destiny, and I believed him.

Cody Rhodes def Rey Mysterio: In one word—Yes, Yes, Yes! Cody deserved and needed that win

Big Show,  , Santino, and Kofi Kingston def The Corre: It was expected. What wasn’t expected was the time allowed for this match. Ridiculous!Kane

 def CM Punk: NO, NO, NO! I really wanted Punk to win. The way he lost was exactly the way I didn’t want him to lose—an RKO out of nowhere.Randy Orton

John Morrison, Trish Status, and Snooki def Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool: It was expected. What wasn’t expected was the athleticism that Snooki showed. She did really good at WrestleMania and deserves her props.

Cole def Lawler: I definitely wanted Lawler to win. I heard that Lawler did win, but the GM chimed in and reversed it. This should have been Lawler time. But it probably means that Lawler will still be on TV feuding with Cole

The Undertaker def HHH (No Holds Barred): Taker was definitely my pick of the night. This match was amazing and definitely delivered.

WWE Champion Miz def : It doesn’t matter that The Rock helped with this match. Miz still won and that’s really all that matters. I was rooting for Miz.John Cena


There is no doubt that WrestleMania 27 will be remembered for years to come. If not for overall match quality, it will be remembered at least for overall production value. The entrances that I did see were gold. Miz’s entrance and song suited him perfectly.

The real reason people will remember WrestleMania 27 is because of one man—The Rock.

WrestleMania  27 will forever be the WrestleMania that the Rock hosted. The people got what they wanted this year. The Rock finally came back to the WWE; The Rock finally Rock Bottomed Cena; and The Rock and Stone Cold finally had a staredown.  

What more do “The People” want?

Yes, this WrestleMania wasn’t as good as one would hope. Even I can admit that and The Rock is my favorite wrestler. There was just something missing last night (Money In The Bank). The point is that this was still a good overall show to watch and there is still more to come.

Hall of Fame, Rock LIVE on Raw, and Tough Enough. I cannot wait for Tough Enough and Raw tomorrow. They are sure to be good shows.

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