WWE WrestleMania 27: Many Were Disappointed, But What Did You Expect?

Are you ButthurtContributor IApril 4, 2011


Last night was the first night that I actually invested my hard-earned money into a WWE PPV in more than two years.  I even paid the extra $10 to upgrade to HD, which was probably my smartest buying decision of the evening.  The WWE's biggest event of the year could easily be labeled mediocre at best, and the $65 price tag was a bit unacceptable.

I have been reading the majority of other writers’ opinions and articles in regards to the event, and the overall consensus seems to be that WrestleMania 27 could be the most lackluster one ever produced.  I am not disagreeing with any of my fellow writers, because it was a very poor event.  It could even be compared to an elongated Monday Night Raw.  The only thing WrestleMania gave us was an extra hour-and-a-half plus of time, a couple big spots and a chair shot to the head.

What did you expect though? 

Anybody who thought that this WrestleMania was going to be one of the better ones in recent memory, or of all time, is seriously delusional.

Any good WrestleMania has been built around the talent in the show.  The talent on the roster is then molded into an excellent storyline, which is then transformed into a story in the middle of the ring in front of all the viewers.

What the WWE lacks right now is the main ingredient of talent

Don't get me completely wrong.  At this stage, the WWE does have some guys who are good or even great at what they do.  Orton, Punk, Cena, Edge, Christian, Miz and Del Rio are the top guys, and were involved in the main storylines at some capacity.  However, after those guys, there is a steep dropoff in talent.  Mysterio, Morrison, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan would be considered the next tier.  The rest, such as Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, are a little bit higher than the bottom tier.

I didn't include Undertaker and HHH because they are not regular performers any more, and guys like the Big Show and Kane are jokes.

Look at the past talent pool and honestly tell me that this WrestleMania ever even had a chance of impressing.  The current collection of talent is a far cry from the previous years when the locker room was overflowing with guys.  Angle, Foley, Flair, HBK, HHH, Undertaker, Austin, Rock, Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Benoit are just a handful of the guys I am talking about, and they were the main roster.  They weren't just one-night stands to get a pop.

The WWE just does not have the roster to support all the hype of WrestleMania.  This is why they scrambled to get guys like Austin, Rock and HBK to be involved in some type of capacity.  They knew their biggest draw of the night was going to be between HHH and Taker.  This feud wasn’t even set up until a month prior to the event because the WWE wasn’t even sure if that’s the direction they would be headed in.

With all of that being said, the actual event itself was just poorly done.  In no way, shape or form should Sheamus and Daniel Bryan have been pulled from the card.  The eight-man tag match, and the obnoxious parody of American Idol, should have both been scrapped and replaced by the US title encounter between the Celtic Warrior and Bryan.

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match should have been on the card.  It would have given a couple of the mid-carders some much needed time, and the WHC match should have never have opened the event up.  That was just a disgrace, and gives no credibility to the winner of the Royal Rumble any more. 

So now they have built Alberto Del Rio up for the last six months, gave him a Royal Rumble win and then had him lose on the very first match of the card.  Really?

The WWE is so focused on being main stream and entertainment-driven that they've lost focus on their core fanbase.  The people who put them on the map, the wrestling fans! 

When it came all down to it, I looked at the card, and knew WrestleMania 27 wasn't going to be good.  The talent is just not there, and I knew that WWE would be more concerned about pandering to celebrities like Snooki and making an impact in the mainstream media opposed to entertaining me and all of the other wrestling gurus. 

In the end I bought the event because I wanted to see Triple H and Undertaker battle it out live, and I got that.

I don't regret my decision of paying for WrestleMania 27, but it wasn't worth it. 

I won't complain though, because I didn't expect much out of it.  Anybody who is angry or upset about what they watched last night really shouldn't be, because what did you really expect?