WWE WrestleMania 27: The Good and Bad on the Grandest Stage of Them All

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 4, 2011

Unless you live under a rock as a wrestling fan, you know WrestleMania 27 was last night, and what a show it was. It had some excellent matches: Some failed to live up to expectations, but some surpassed them.

However, even though we were pleasantly surprised on some things, others were not good at all. So, I've compiled a list of good and bad things from last night. Here we go.


Bad: WrestleMania Scheduling

Now usually when I see a World Title match open a show, it's at a smaller WWE PPV like Over the Limit or Hell in a Cell. At that point I don't really get angry, because I know another few title matches are coming. Plus, it's a smaller event and in need of a good start.

But having the World Heavyweight Title defended in the first match was freakin' ridiculous! First off, I could make an exception if the match was just two people from the SmackDown brand going at it for the World Title. But, this featured the Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio.

I had no issues with him losing the match, so understand that right off. But, he won the biggest Rumble ever, which featured 40 WWE talents. No other Royal Rumble had more than 30. So, he wins this big match, which has put every single winner since pretty much the beginning in the main event for a World Title.

I can't tell you the last time I saw a Rumble winner not in at least one of the last two matches.

So basically WWE was telling us that Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler and Snookimania were more important than the World Heavyweight Title? Seriously?

Just about any other match could have opened the show. I could have been OK with CM Punk-Randy Orton opening even.

But a World Title, WWE? That was a slap in the face to the title first and foremost, and then to Alberto Del Rio. The man wins a huge match and everyone before him gets in the main event at Mania, and he opens the show? WOW!

I think this match could have gone within the last three. I'd even go as far as putting it as the fourth match on the card. But opener? Hell no!

Triple H vs. Undertaker was followed by Snookimania, which is very sad. I guess WWE was giving us a pee break in between Taker-HHH and the WWE Title?

Then we never saw Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the U.S. Title at all, sadly. It's said that it was a dark match before Mania started, which is a slap in the face to Daniel Bryan, who was one of the best performers of the year. Great payoff, getting a dark match.

But the stupidity didn't stop there. The match somehow how turned into a lumberjack match. And if you thought things couldn't get any dumber, you'd be wrong. The lumberjacks started fighting, and Teddy Long came out to make it a Battle Royal, scrapping the U.S. Title match totally.

So I'd hope that Daniel Bryan gets his rightful U.S. Title rematch tonight on RAW. Even in a loss, he at least deserves the rematch. But I wouldn't be surprised in WWE's ever-growing stupidity that they would not mention anything about the U.S. Title, pretend Bryan got his rematch and that nothing resulted from it.

So, in a word, scheduling last night was awful. And I'm being nice.


Good: A Few of the Undercard Matches

Now, I didn't like the idea of having a World Title match first, but that didn't take away from how good it was. I thought Del Rio and Edge put on a great match, and Edge finally won a Mania match! It's been a while, right?

My match of the night before the show was Cody Rhodes-Rey Mysterio. Now, it wasn't the match of the night, but no one can say the match wasn't good, because it was great to me. That's not me being biased, but truthful.

I thought the two put on a great match. I was worried it would be too gimmicky before the match, as Mysterio had the knee brace and Rhodes had the face mask. But I was happy they only used those two objects for just a small bit of the match.

I have to say, I loved Mysterio's outfit this year. My personal favorite of his was the joker one, but the Captain America one this year really made me happy as a fan of the Marvel brand. However, the night belonged to Rhodes, as it should have.

I think this match was excellent, and was at least a 3- to 4-star match to me.

The CM Punk-Randy Orton match, which was highly anticipated to be the match of the night, lived up to many expectations. I thought it was very well done personally. I figured the match would go Orton's way before it all started, but I knew Punk would give a good showing.

I was right, as these two were excellent last night. So to me, at least three of the undercard matches were pretty well done.


Bad: The Rest of the Undercard

Now, I'm going to be as nice as I can. But a few other undercard matches were horrible.

So let me get this straight, WWE, you gave us an eight-man tag match that lasted maybe five minutes and considered to be a glorified spotfest, but cut the U.S. Title match? Really?

Then we get to the six-man tag match that lasted a bit longer, but was utterly corny and stupid all at once. Let me just say if Snooki does come to WWE full-time, don't allow her anywhere near a ring to wrestle. It's like Vickie Guerrero: nice idea to see her get her head bashed in, but dumb idea in that we will have to watch her wrestle.

It hurts me that Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler were associated with this.

WWE cut Money in the Bank for this?


Good: Triple H-Undertaker

Now I won't lie, this match could have ended better, but the entire match was very well done.

Triple H hits three pedigrees, hits Taker with a chair numerous times on the back, puts him through an announce table, gives us our first chair shot to the head in years to Taker's skull, and hits a Tombstone, yet doesn't get the win.

I mean Taker took a beating, far more than I've seen him take in years at Mania. This match lived up to the hype it had going in. We knew this match had the potential to be epic, and it lived up to all my expectations and even surpassed some.

Many times I thought Triple H had the win, but Taker kept kicking out.

But the same could be said with Triple H. He seemed to kick out of everything Undertaker did, including a tombstone, last ride, chokeslam and a major 10-foot backdrop, which looked sick.

What made this match even better was JR and King calling it.

Going in, I think many marks thought Trips would want to give himself the win, seeing as he has the power to do so, and he always seems to want to get the glory. But I think a good compromise was made if you saw the match.

Taker was beaten worse than we've ever seen, and yet he won with a hell's gate submission. Triple H walked away, Undertaker was carried out. So even though Triple H didn't get the win, he did accomplish a goal in taking out the Deadman.

This is why I think we could see a match with these two down the line, possibly again next year, which could end Triple H's career like it did Shawn Michaels'.


Bad: Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler

I mentioned earlier how the scheduling got me angry. This match went a while before being done. Finally though, it happened.

Many could care less. Cole opened with a stupid promo, as his character would do. He had arguably the ugliest wrestling outfit we've ever seen. However, Swagger did make him look a bit better by association, and he stood in front of him for a bit too.

But Cole and his bright orange outfit came out. Then we saw Stone Cold ride out on a four-wheeler, almost hitting Swagger. Then The King came out, wearing very nice gear, going back to his Memphis days. Once King got out there, Cole hid in the Cole Mine. He begged King to reconsider. Finally, he was brought out.

The match lasted longer than many thought it would. I bet on five minutes, but this went on around 10.

Booker T and JR helped call the match, along with Josh Matthews. I was happy to see Matthews calling Mania for a while—he deserved it.

But going back to the match, King was beaten up outside the ring thanks to Steve Austin being distracted. So, Cole was in control most of the match. Swagger got involved during the match and got a Stunner as a result.

Then Cole got a little mad, and shoved Stone Cold. Austin didn't take kindly to it and got a little forceful, but Lawler got a punch in, then went for the diving fist drop. It was over then, but Lawler got a two count because he pulled Cole up. Austin laughed at it.

King put Cole in an ankle lock, and Cole immediately started tapping. Austin went down to Cole and asked numerous times, "DO...YOU...GIVE...UP?" It was pretty funny. The match ended as Austin called for the bell.

But, then we heard from the RAW GM. The GM reversed the decision because Austin got too forceful in the match.

That alone got many ticked, especially longtime fans of WWE, simply because Lawler deserved a Mania win. Overall, the match was entertaining. Austin was beeped about five times during the match and dropped quite a few F-Bombs, which was pretty funny.

Austin made the match pretty fun to watch. But overall, it sucked.


Good: The WWE Title Pre-Match Videos

Probably two of the better pre-match videos for a title bout I've seen in a while: The Miz's and John Cena's video packages were very well done. I believe Kevin Dunn does them, but if not, whoever did deserves a raise.

The videos fit both men so well, and worked with their road to Mania.


Bad: The WWE Title Match

I guess you can't have too much good, right? The beginning got my mouth watering to see what was going to happen, but it ended way too predictably. It was also stupid, to tell ya the truth.

Cena and Miz were putting on a pretty good match. It wasn't great, but it was good enough to me. Then all the sudden, we get a count-out. A WrestleMania main event ended in a count-out? Hell no!

Many were disappointed until The Rock came out and demanded the match restart. You know, I wasn't aware hosts had power like that. But apparently they do, so where were you for the Lawler-Cole match, Rock?

But anyway, Rock made it a no-count-out, no-DQ match. It lasted about a minute before Rock hit the Rock Bottom on Cena, giving Miz the win. After the match, Miz was beat down by Rock, who then had a celebration.

YAY, we end the show with a guy who didn't even have a match at the show!

Overall, WrestleMania did have its good and bad moments. But, if you're asking me if you'd buy the replay, I'd say yes. The good killed the bad to me. There were about three or four great matches, and most of them all were entertaining at least.

I'd give WrestleMania 27 three out of five stars. Surely was not the best we've seen in a while, but better than some recent ones in my opinion.

But what do you think? What would you rate all the matches, and by proxy, rate the event?


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