Liverpool vs Man City: The Reason I Love My Team!

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IOctober 5, 2008

And this is why I will support Liverpool FC 'till I die...

Even at its worst, I never believed Liverpool would lose this one. It wasn’t possible. It wasn’t going to happen.

Off to a dreadful start, Liverpool seemed like a lost cause. Manchester City was dominating. They were stealing the ball away from Gerrard, like candy from a baby.

My mother was next to me when City scored their opening goal and I thought “Perfect!”

Why, you ask? What could be so perfect about the opposition team scoring a goal? The answer would be the Manchester United game. Remember how United scored the first goal? I took that as a sign.

When the second goal was scored, my mother was thrilled. You’d expect me, a diehard Liverpool fan to break down, curse or march out of the room, wouldn’t you? But no.

A few days ago a friend and I were talking about Liverpool FC. A number of individuals had said to us, Liverpool is a dull and uninteresting team, they’re not exciting. I told my friend that day, what we require is a repeat of the Istanbul final. To prove to the world that not are we merely come-back kings, we can turn over whichever game and make anything exciting.  

When City scored the second goal, I kept repeating to myself “Istanbul,” “Istanbul”...My mum must have thought I was crazy. She in all probability didn’t know what I was talking about, but my dad did. He kept smiling and saying “Not Again.”

I refused to give up. It's under no circumstances too late to win a game and this was LIVERPOOL... they’re pro at turning games around. I sat there, refusing to admit defeat...when Torres scored a brilliant goal. Ok, so maybe not so brilliant, but he scored a goal and THAT in itself was brilliant.

I danced around the room twice and walked back to my chair. Silence.

What happened next can only be summed up like this:

Torres scores again. A minute of silence. A shriek. A table crashing. A mad eighteen year old dancing like crazy around a room screaming “Told You So,” to invisible Manchester City fans.

But not even crazy, mad, round the bend and appalling could describe the behavior of this Liverpool fan after Dirk Kuyt scored.  

My room looks like it’s been hit by an earthquake. My parents are pretending they don’t recognize me. I’ve said the word miracle so many times it seems like a whole new word and I think my cat detests me.

Who cares though, who cares? I feel like it was me running around that field. I almost certainly don’t know what I’m saying at present, I don’t know where I am... all I can think  of is the echo of that  final whistle ...


You’ll Never Walk Alone