Tiger Woods at the Masters: The Best 10 Shots of Tiger Woods' Career

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IApril 4, 2011

Tiger Woods at the Masters: The Best 10 Shots of Tiger Woods' Career

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    Where else would Tiger Woods perform at his best, other than Augusta? 

    Most tournaments. However, Augusta is particularly special for Tiger. He has four of those green jackets, and each have been equally meaningful, for one reason or another.

    What Tiger enjoys even more is the shots that get your blood pumping. Those shots that bring the crowd to its feet shouting. Tiger seems to be a specialist at those. And the Masters has no shortage of Tiger magic. Let's revisit some of it.

No. 10: 2007 Masters Broken Club

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    Tiger Woods breaking a club?! Yes, it happened. Too bad it was for a legitimate reason. Something about Tiger having to hit from behind a tree at an impossible angle.

    Tiger still managed to get it within distance, and par the hole.

No. 9: 2006 Masters Chip

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    So about those groove changes? Yea, that's probably one of the reasons they did that Tiger.

    Augusta doesn't like ball marks, even from you. So could you stop hitting such ridiculous shots?

    Didn't think so.

No. 8: 2010: Tiger Returns to the Masters... Only to Find Some Trees

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    While 2010 was not a year to remember for Tiger, he still had two top five finishes in majors, the first being the Masters. And as Tiger does, he provided us with a glimpse of what we hoped to see for the rest of the year.

    Unfortunately, we saw more trees, less incredible shots.

No. 7: Eagle at No. 7 2010

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    Like I said, the Masters was nice to Tiger, extremely nice.

    Local knowledge helps, but so does a little bit of talent and skill. 

    Tiger Woods has all three with this shot.

No. 6: Birdie at No. 16 2006

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    A left pin location at the 16th of Augusta normally spells doom for golfers. Unless your name is Tiger Woods.

    Then you go pin hunting and make birdie. Unfortunately, this was not enough for Woods to overtake Phil Mickelson for the jacket.

No. 5: Eagle at 13 1997

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    In 1997, the world found out how good Tiger Woods was. He won the Masters, shooting 18-under par, an unprecedented number for his time.

    Bringing in his first major was a huge accomplishment, and eagling 13, while not impossible, certainly does help at Augusta.

No. 4: 11th Hole 2001

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    If you think this is the only highlight of 2001 for Tiger, you are sadly mistaken. Let's be serious. Nobody on the planet could touch the guy.

    The 11th hole is named Amen Corner for a reason. Too bad it was the hole that was saying its prayers when Tiger hit this one.

No. 3: Tiger Woods 11th Hole 2009

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    Something about the 11th hole is magical for Tiger Woods. He seems to be able to make the best out of a terrible situation here.

    After we here everything that could have gone wrong with this shot, everything goes right, and the commentator feels stupid. Just another day in the life of Tiger. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the video of this, so click here to check it out.

No. 2: Tiger Completes the Tiger Slam 2001

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    Four majors in a row. That's what that little wedge and putt capped for Tiger Woods. A streak of dominance not matched since. 

    That putt on the final hole was not a simple one. Tiger didn't need to make it. He had two strokes on David Duval. But instead, he did what Tiger always did: holed it.

    Tiger Woods at his finest.

No. 1: The Greatest Chip Ever Hit 2005

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    So one year before Tiger went pin seeking at the Masters, he went bomb dropping, when this chip dropped.

    It is probably the most famous shot Woods has ever played in his life, and for good reason. Nike had sponsorship video for the next year solid when the ball decided to take its time going in the hole.

    Who reads a 90 degree break, anyway?