WrestleMania 27 Results: John Cena and the 20 Most Memorable Moments of the PPV

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IApril 4, 2011

WrestleMania 27 Results: John Cena and the 20 Most Memorable Moments of the PPV

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    WrestleMania 27 is now in the history books, and a lot of events took place.

    If you want more than just the results, you are in the right place. I invite you to take a look at 20 highlights of the greatest wrestling show of the year.

    You can revisit all the outcomes and everything else that happened on the Grandest Stage of Them All in Atlanta with actual pictures from the show.

    So, with no more introduction, let's roll back and relive WrestleMania 27 in 20 defining moments.

1. Finally, the Rock Is Back at WrestleMania!

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    The Rock as the host did a wonderful job. His interaction with the crowd was, no pun intended, electrifying.

    It was a moment of pure magic when he got the crowd screaming, "If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking!"

    He proved he was indeed The Great One on the microphone when he said, among other things, that WrestleMania 27 was bigger than Christmas.

    He also made some memorable backstage segments, including an hilarious one with Pee Wee Herman and "Mean" Gene Okerlund.

2. The Marvelous Stage and Titantron

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    It should not be a highlight for any regular pay-per-view, but WrestleMania 27 was not just your ordinary wrestling show.

    From the ramp leading to the ring to the Titantron, everything was bigger than life.

    In fact, the Georgia Dome offered a perfect stage and WWE used all the space to create a really magical stage.

    And there was also that huge cube hanging over the ring for great special effects.

3. Edge Retained

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    Spear! Spear! Spear!

    Both contestants in the World Heavyweight Championship match gave all they had in a grueling back-and-forth battle.

    Edge reversed Alberto Del Rio's Cross Armbreaker into his signature Sharpshooter.

    Del Rio managed to escape, but only to receive a devastating spear by Edge for the three-count.

4. Edge and Christian's Celebration

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    After he defended successfully his title, Edge celebrated in what looked like a demolition derby, at the expense of Del Rio's car.

    The crowd truly enjoyed seeing Del Rio almost crying while looking at that wreckage.

5. Cody Rhodes Won with Panache

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    Surprisingly, Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio. Both men lost their "weapons" during the match—Rhodes removed Mysterio's knee brace then Cody's plastic mask was removed.

    Mysterio used Rhodes' mask as an offensive weapon, but so did Rhodes with the knee brace...for the victory.

6. The Corre Was Decimated

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    In less than three minutes, The Corre was annihilated by Santino Marella, Kane, Big Show and Kofi Kingston in an action-packed match.

    It was too short, but entertaining with Santino hitting Heath Slater with his infamous Cobra, followed by Big Show's decimating knockout punch.

7. CM Punk Caught in the Air by a RKO

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    CM Punk tried all he could to keep The Viper down, with constant attacks on his hurt knee.

    But it was not enough, and Orton caught CM Punk in the air with a stunning RKO for the win.

8. Presentation of the 2011 Hall of Famers

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    Great reception for everyone, especially for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. And, of course, the roof lifted when HBK emerged from backstage. It was a very emotional moment.

    The stage for the presentation was nice and very impressive. 

9. Vintage Stone Cold

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    There is nothing like hearing the sound of breaking glass in the speakers. There's also nothing like seeing Austin heading to the ring in a quad.

    When Swagger threw the towel in the ring to stop the match when Cole was beaten down, Austin used it to wipe his head. A Stone Cold Stunner on Swagger obviously followed.

    Finally, what's better than a classic beer celebration with a splashing Stone Cold Stunner on Booker T, who joined the celebration. Then, Josh Matthews was stunned on his turn after he announced Lawler was disqualified.

10. Jerry Lawler Got His WrestleMania Moment

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    While Cole was in his Cole Mine, Lawler knocked down Jack Swagger.

    Then The King destroyed Michael Cole, who tried to avoid the match.

    Ultimately, Cole tapped out to the ankle lock and Lawler got his sweet revenge.

    But Lawler eventually lost the match after the Raw Anonymous General Manager announced he was disqualified.

11. Jim Ross Joined the Announce Table

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    JR was meant to call Lawler vs. Cole's match only, but after Josh Matthews was stunned by Austin, he commentated the action for the rest of the show.

    It was a good surprise and a nice idea to reunite Good Ole JR with The King.

12. Triple H's Epic Entrance

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    It started with the song For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, and how appropriate was it?

    Then a line of shields appeared and Triple H emerged with his usual song. It was astonishing. Triple H offered something unique for what was maybe the last entrance of his career.

13. The Undertaker's Classic Entrance

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    As usual, The Phenom's entrance at WrestleMania was outstanding.

    As always, it was a great moment.

14. An Actual No Holds Barred Match

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    From the steel steps to the concrete floor and from the Cole Mine to the announce tables destroyed, all weapons were used to seal the issue of the Undertaker-Triple H match.

    There was even some blood at the end of the match.

15. The Streak Continues

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    Three Pedigrees, a Tombstone and countless chair shots were not enough to keep The Phenom down.

    When Triple H got his hands on his sledgehammer, he was suddenly trapped into the unbreakable Hell's Gate. It was game over and 19-0.

    Who's next?

16. SnookiMania?

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    Snooki did two surprisingly spectacular moves, including one semi-botched, and she took no bump. All in all, she was a spot monkey.

    John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, two of the best wrestlers on the roster—who were in the match by the way—did not battle.

17. The U.S. Championship Match Became a Battle Royal Dark Match

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    It was already disappointing to have that match removed from the show and they did even worse by making it a pointless battle royal. And, if it was not enough, The Great Khali was the last man standing.

    What a shame!

    We all know that the card is always subject to change with WWE, but to remove the U.S. Title bout was a huge slap in the face to many fans.

    It was a highly anticipated encounter and they erased it from the card. It had the potential to be a classic undercard match.

18. John Cena's Flamboyant Entrance

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    Despite the large amount of booing from the crowd, Cena's entrance was something great, with the choir and the video.

    It was a classic Cena WrestleMania moment.

19. The Miz Retained...Twice

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    The WWE Championship match ended in a double countout, which meant The Miz retained.

    Then The Rock went to the ring to announce that the match had to restart and made it a No Holds Barred match.

    But in the end, The Rock delivered a Rock Bottom on Cena, allowing The Miz to score the pinfall. 

20. The Miz Beaten Down by The Rock to Close the Show

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    The Rock interrupted The Miz's celebration with a vintage smackdown on the Champion.

    The show ended with The Brahma Bull celebrating, to the delight of the crowd.


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    There are a lot of questions in the air now and I'd like to hear from you.

    Surprisingly, the World Heavyweight Championship was the opener of the night. Is there a reason for that decision? For many, it's shocking to see Del Rio leaving empty-handed; was he really destined to win the gold at WrestleMania?

    Are you shocked they did not present the U.S. Championship match? Actually, is there a really shocking moment at WrestleMania 27?

    What was the match that stole the show? Did you like how the WWE Championship battle ended?

    Finally, how did you like WrestleMania 27 overall?