Fractured Football Weekend, Or How I Learned To Love Bits and Pieces

Roy LaFaverCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

I felt going into Saturday I would miss out completely on college football.  In retrospect, perhaps I did.

Not so fast, my friend(don’t you hate it when he says that?).  I watched portions of maybe seven games, and I learned something about teams with which I am not familiar. 

I knew going in I had to replace two data drives in a server, and it would be a chore, seeing as how the old drives were Ultra160 scsi, and the new drives were Ultra320 scsi. 

But Seagate said, “Don’t worry.  Just set the jumpers and you will be good.  Oh, and the settings will be apparent.” 

Then the predictable happened.  The new drives had NO jumpers.  I plowed ahead anyway.  The big backup had been started the night before and was almost finished.  I stuck the new drives in the backup server, started the formats and headed home, certain everything would be fine.


Michigan State – Iowa was just getting started.  On the first play I learned the Spartans were primarily defenseless.  Iowa runs play-fake to the rightall three linebackers biteeven the linebacker on the offensive left, who if he would have stayed at home would have been there to hug the back who caught the little dump pass. 

Not to worry; he would just run down the back.  Nope.  Wayyyy too slow.

Flip to Penn State - Purdue.  Penn State plays a zone designed to stop the run.  Couldn’t figure out why.  Purdue is not a running team.  Purdue runs.  Nothing.

Back to MSU.  The Spartans get a miraculous turnover in the red zone.  They did this twice early in the game, and that was the reason they won.  They seem to have a good offense, very diversified. 

The running back is very good, but I thought their strength was the receivers, the O-line and the quarterback.  They have no kicker.  Some guy came out of the stands, I guess, and commenced to miss everything he put his foot on. 

But the Spartans prevailed.  Iowa appeared to be the better team overall, but they could not overcome those two missed opportunities.

Back to Purdue.  Oh, my.  Purdue is just as defenseless as MSU.  More so.  But Penn State seems a bit anemic, so the Boilermakers remained in the game until there wasn’t enough time left to score two touchdowns. 

Wait, in an extra two hours they could not have scored two touchdowns.  It wasn’t like they couldn’t move the ball.  They just couldn’t move it far enough.


Checked out Arkansas – Florida.  Arkansas was actually playing some pretty good football early on.  I as very proud of them, but I had to get back to the office.

New drives formatted fine.  Began restore to the new big boys, and back to my TV I go.


Hey, Notre Dame – Stanford is on.  I picked Stanford, of course, and the way they started I felt like a bloody genius.  Who cares?  What else is on.


Auburn – Vanderbilt.  Is it just me, or is the Auburn offense as confused as I think they are?  Good start anyway.  I text my son that poor old Vandy is gonna get killed. 


Someone convinced Tuberville he had a Heisman quarterback and three receivers that run a 4.2 forty.  Wrong.  Vandy is a tough team against a hapless offense.  And the backup QB for the Dores is better than the starter. 

Bad news for Auburn.  LSU’s strength of schedule takes a major hit.  Oh well.


Hey, USC will make me smart again.  USC – Oregon.  Oh no.  Oregon moves as if the Trojans left their first team defense at home.  7 – 0, then 10 – 3.  But there was something about the way the Trojans moved down the field for that three pointer.  I call my son and tell him Oregon will not be able to hang with these boys.  The Trojans are going to light them up.  “I don’t knowww,” he says.  “Trust me,” I say.

Yes!  I’m a bloody genius again.

After finishing off the installation of the new dives successfully, there is time for scores and highlights.  Devastation for a lot of teams, if the score is all you see.  But that stuff just muddies the water. 

The best way to do it is catch bits and pieces of a bunch of games and make snap judgments that will lose you a ton of money if you are a betting man.  Fortunate for me I’m not, so I can make all the silly assumptions I care to make.

May your favorite go undefeated and win the BCS championship 10 years in a row.

Time for bed.  The Saints don’t play until Monday.  Sunday will be a drag.  Maybe I will put away the hurricane plywood.