Wrestlemania 27 Results: Orton vs Punk Belittled by WWE Creative

Diego GomezjuradoContributor IApril 3, 2011

Following a lackluster three first bouts, the promo for Orton vs. Punk rolled. This was the match that I had been waiting for, the match that was going to steal the show, the match that had the two best current entertainers and decent wrestlers on the ring. The buzz that had been built over the past months was madly running through my body and all of this changed when Orton came out with his knee heavily taped.

Seeing this painted a picture in my mind, the picture of a match dominated by CM Punk with the occasional intervention by Orton that would be ended with a quick "unexpected" win by the baby-face. This is a formula that has been used so many times and is generic, boring, and expected. I still am in shock at how creative managed to take this match, a match with so much potential and not make it deliver.

Both superstars were absolutely fantastic during the match, they moved well and Orton sold his injury convincingly. CM Punk once again demonstrated that he is the best wrestler in the business. His move set showed stiff kicks, high flying moves, the anaconda vice and his in-ring mannerisms are just fantastic. Orton worked with an injury and thus was conditioned throughout only being able to portray his heavy artillery repertoir. My anger has nothing to do with the Superstars my anger is aimed at WWE Creative.

How can creative book such an important match like this. This match should've been placed second to last and have been given 20-25 minutes of back and forth action so that both superstars could've been able to showcase their talents and have their wrestlemania moment. Creative should've booked a strong finish where there were a couple finishers and a reversal that led to a win. They should've booked it so that the feud could keep on going convincingly, on solid grounds, and what do they do? They give us a match that was dominated by Punk only to be turned around by an RKO that came from nowhere.

Shame on you, WWE. Shame on you Vince McMahon, first you promise so much by building this match up only to end it like this? Shame on you, WWE, for taking two of the most important and vital superstars in the business and giving them a good but forgettable match. Shame on you for giving more importance to media reality stars than actual wrestling talents, shame on you for promising a US Title Bout and then turning it into a Battle Royale won by Khali. Shame on you for taking the Wrestlemania name and delivering a sub-standard PPV. 

I hope you make ammends on RAW tomorrow and may next PPV be better.