Maybe Next Year Chicago Cubs!!!!! Again....

Zack JohnsonContributor IOctober 5, 2008

COULD IT BE THE YEAR?!?!?!?!?! Another great year out the window. The Chicago Cubs had the best record at one time for over two weeks in the MLB. They lead the league in on base-percentage, slugging percentage, most pitches taken, and much much more.

All and all we can say we had a great season. We had many comeback wins, many blowout wins, one shutout win, some complete games, and some bad loses, but we still were good. Our pitching was great, our hitting was great, and our fundamentals were great. But our post season was not. We played the whole five to six months of getting to were we wanted, and we blew it, we did not care.

We had many sitting strike three calls, many incapable of not scoring a runner from third or second, pitching was horrible allowing more runs in the first five innings then we did in the season (exaggerating). And playing with no passion what so every.

The Cubs were not playing like the Chicago Cubs. They were playing like the Peoria Chiefs. A three game sweep in the first round of the playoffs is ridiculous for this kind of team we have. If Derek Lee could of maybe hit the ball deep like we pay him for instead of getting double plays after double plays, maybe we would have won.

If our infield did not have three errors in one inning to allow some runs, maybe we could have won. If our supposed all-star from Japan could hit the ball, maybe we could have won, or if we could just score a runner from third or second, maybe we would have won. There are many could of's, should of's, in this playoff attempt by the Cubs, and that cannot change what has just happened.

The Cubs are just not a post season team. They COULD BE, but there is to much pressure on them to win the World Series because of the long drought.

We choked like we say every post season appearance. I am only 16-years-old and should not care as much when we lose in the playoffs because I have a lot of time left in my life to see them once win. But when you watch them mostly every day, it is sad to watch it happen.

This off season the Cubs should take what they have and teach them how to get a base hit, then a bunt to move him over, then another single to either score him or send him to third, and have a deep fly ball to bring him in. This is what every team in the MLB does besides the Cubs. And Lou Piniella, you have to mix it up a little bit, hit and runs, double steals, suicide squeezes. COME ON.

If I did not say this I would not be considered a true Cubs fan, and I still honestly believe in this, NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR. Think about it, we are playing a whole new century. New 100 years. 2009 will be our year...

And if people are wondering what a fake Cubs fan is too, it is a fan who says with all this losing I think I am going to change my team, you know if you change your team, you will always cheer for the Cubs inside.You will always love the Chicago Cubs.

Go Cubbies!