Jared Shaw Once Again Embarrasses Himself on CBS

Bob MilesCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

I have never put much thought into the back and forth banter that exists between Jared Shaw and Dana White.  Quite frankly, as promoters, their job is to promote their respective business and put asses in the seats.  P.T. Barnum, perhaps the most well known promoter of all time was never shy when he claimed his primary goal was to "put money in his own coffers."  Jared and Dana are no different in this regard.


Dana White is often criticized for underpaying his fighters, being outspoken, and downright cocky. Another thing Dana White is an unbiased observer at ringside, understanding that any fight, even a lopsided match up carries a human element in which anything can and will happen. 


Some outcomes will surely benefit the organization better than others but as the promoter Dana never shows any favoritism while sitting ringside.  It is safe to assume that while watching a Brock Lesnar fight, Dana is internally pulling for him, as he knows promoting Brock would bring countless rewards, but he wears his poker face regardless.  


This brings me to Jared Shaw.  In his first CBS main event, Kimbo was in trouble on the ground and while the punches from James Thompson were not doing much damage, there was action and Thompson did continue his assault.  As the soft punches rained down, Jared Shaw could be seen at ringside, yelling hysterically at the referee to “stand the fight up” knowing Kimbo could not possibly win if the fight stayed on the ground.


Last night in the main event Seth Petruzelli had Kimbo in trouble immediately and again we have Jared Shaw in clear view at ringside yelling hysterically at the referee, complaining about blows to the back of the head.


If a promoter wants to bring a fighter along slow and make matches that play to his strengths there is not much we as the viewing public can do short of refusing to watch.


Jared Shaw sees the financial upside to Kimbo Slice continuing to win and this is no different than Dana White’s view of Brock Lesnar.  This is however where the comparisons stop.  While Dana sits at ringside in an unbiased manner, Shaw has now twice shown an over the top reaction to Kimbo being in trouble, going so far on both occasions to hysterically yell at the referee. 


This public reaction is extreme favoritism at best, while trying to influence the actions of a referee is unethical and borderline illegal under most state athletic commission rules and should not be allowed to continue. 


If Jared Shaw cannot control his favoritism and emotions he should watch Kimbo’s fights from the dressing room.  In doing so, he will save himself the embarrassment of  the inevitable slow motion replays showing him yelling hysterically at the referee.