Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in WWE History

Joe TaylorContributor IOctober 5, 2008

There have been many memorable and classic moments in the history of the WWE. Here are my most memorable moments.


10. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock—WrestleMania XIX

The final chapter in the greatest rivalry in the history of the WWE and between the two best superstars in the history of the WWE. It was also Stone Cold's final match. However, there are rumors he could be back in the ring at WrestleMania XXV. It was a good match, but the post-match farewells were what made it memorable for me.


9. Ultimate Warrior Beats Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI

I was always a big Ultimate Warrior fan, so it was great to see him beat the Hulkster. The post-match embrace between the two was also memorable.


8. Fan Reaction to John Cena vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 22

This may seem like a strange choice, but the fans in this match were unbelievable. I've never heard a fan reaction like it; they were so passionate. They severely booed everything Cena did and loudly cheered everything Triple H did.

At the time, I was one of those who booed Cena, but now I cheer for him. He has won me over with a string of very good matches. I'll have more to say about Cena in a future article.


7. Stone Cold Beer Bath to the McMahons and The Rock

This is an all-time classic Raw moment. It had action, great microphone work, surprise, and humor. They've tried to emulate this since, but they will never manage to top it.


6. Hulk Hogan Slams Andre the Giant

A lot of people may put this at No. 1, but being born in '87, I've never actually seen this live. Therefore, it is not as memorable in my mind. However, it is still a classic image that never gets old, which is why it still makes my list.


5. Stone Cold vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart at WrestleMania 13 

An incredible match between two legends. The match turned Austin into a superstar and it was one of the early signs for the new WWF Attitude Era. It was also the perfect way to do a double turn. Austin became a face and Bret Hart became a heel. There was great imagery too, with Austin's face pouring with blood while in the sharpshooter.


4. The Montreal Screw Job

The night the script went out the window. Nobody could believe what happened that night, and this will probably never happen again. It will never be forgotten. Just ask Earl Hebner and Vince McMahon every time they head over to Canada.


3. Ric Flair's Retirement

This was incredibly well done by the WWE. The whole WrestleMania weekend went perfectly. The Hall of Fame ceremony was well done, followed by the Flair and Shawn Michaels epic match. Finally, the RAW farewell was a fitting finale.


2. Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart Tribute Shows

These two tributes were impossible to separate. They were both very emotional and fitting tributes to two phenomenal superstars in WWE history. It was strange to see all these huge superstars reduced to tears.  


Here it is: my most memorable and possibly my favorite match of all time.


1. Undertaker vs. Mankind—Hell in a Cell

It was a great match. It had everything, including surprise, suspense, drama, raw emotion, and good action. Of course, the two memorable moments were Mick Foley's two falls from the top of the cell. I have never seen anything like it before. Every time you see a WWE best moments package I guarantee you will always see moments from this match.


These are just my opinions. Feel free to disagree and submit some of your favorite moments.