Professional Wrestling: Top 10 Women Wrestlers Not Currently with WWE or TNA

Don DiabloContributor IIIApril 6, 2011

Professional Wrestling: Top 10 Women Wrestlers Not Currently with WWE or TNA

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    So we are now post-Wrestlemania and in need of something to cheer us all up. 

    WWE and TNA have both proved recently that they don't give a damn about the women's divisions.  WWE has started to show some support with the addition of Awesome Kong and the returning Trish Stratus. But having Snooki in your Divas portion of Wrestlemania was a poor choice. WWE has such talented Divas in developmental that this division could return to its former glories.

    The same goes for TNA, which used to have a great Knockouts division not that long ago. With the major losses of ODB, Roxxi, and Kong, the division is slowly turning into the laughing stock of the company. They have some highly talented women wrestlers on the roster and yet the fans are continuously presented with poor matches and weird angles. Yes TNA has the bigger star power, but they will not be around for too much longer.  

    Well the real point of this article is to highlight the talented female wrestlers on the independent scene, and there are plenty out there that could seriously improve either TNA or WWE. There are three major independent promotions strictly dedicated to female wrestling and they showcase the talent available.

Honorable Mention

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    Surprisingly, after looking around at the prospective talent this actually was a pretty hard list to determine. So I've added these three female wrestlers as honorable mention to my list.

    Amber O'Neil

    Shimmer, Wrestlicious, NWA Charlotte, Women Superstar Uncensored

    4X Women's Champion

    2X Women's Tag Team Champion


    Shimmer, nCw Femmes Fatale

    8X Singles Champion

    Nicole Matthews

    Shimmer, NCW Femmes Fatale, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, Pure Wrestling Association

    3X ECCW and current Supergirls Championships

    Current Shimmer Tag Team Champions

10. Rain

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    This talented Minnesotan has a bright future despite only taking part in a short program with TNA back in 2007-2008. She started her wrestling career in 2000 in the midwest region. Since 2005 she's been part of Shimmer, AAA, and Wrestlicious. Rain was one half of the successful Minnesota Home-Wrecking Crew in Shimmer with now semi-retired Lacey. 

    She was the valet for Robert Roode in her only mainstream appearance with TNA. The video shows she can handle herself in the ring and would definitely be an improvement on both WWE and TNA women divisions. WWE might be in her future as Rain has been a manager for both Tyler Black and Alex Kozlov (Peter Orlov), who are both currently under developmental contracts.

Rain Video

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    Video of Rain

9. Portia Perez

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    Perez currently hold the Shimmer Tag Team titles as part of the Canadian Ninjas with honorable mentioned Nicole Matthews. Portia has held four solo championships, as well as the tag title during her six years on the independent circuit. 

    This Canadian wrestler has performed around the world including AAA in Mexico, Irish Whip Wrestling, and England's All-Star Wrestling. 

    She's very impressive in the ring and has great continuity with her tag partner. Even as a solo wrestler Portia can impress and come out with the victory. 

Portia Perez Video

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    Portia Perez Video

8. Serena Deeb

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    Most will know her as just Serena, the female member of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society in the WWE.  Serena Deeb is one female wrestler that was completely misused as part of either TNA or WWE. 

    Deeb started her wrestling career as part of Ohio Valley Wrestling. She has also wrestled for many independent promotions throughout the US and was a mainstay for Shimmer till she joined the WWE. She is a 10-time Women's champion. 

    Serena proved she can make it to the top with her short stint with the WWE  She makes the list mostly because she's been off WWE TV since the summer of 2010 and is currently wrestling on the indies once again. 

    Here is to some hope that WWE realizes their mistake and brings her back.

Serena Video

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    Serena Video

7. Ayako Hamada

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    Even with her exposure as a 2-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion in TNA, Ayako Hamada makes the list at No. 7 as she has returned to the indies and Japanese promotions. Hamada is a second generation star with roots in both Mexico and Japan. Currently she is wrestling in Shimmer Women Athletes promotion. 

    Her wrestling career began in 1998, and she has won numerous titles throughout the world. Hamada was definitely one that got away from TNA even though she asked for her release. During her short stint with TNA, Hamada was very successful during her run. 

Hamada Video

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    Hamada Video

6. Madison Eagles

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    The Australian sensation, Madison Eagles, is currently the Shimmer Champion, which she has held for nearly a year. Madison started in 2001 as part of IWA in her native Australia at the age of 17. As part of the promotion she has gone on to win the Women's championship four times. 

    Madison Eagles shows great skills in the ring and has the look to become a top female wrestler. I do not believe she will spend her entire career on the independent scene.

Madison Eagles Video

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    Madison Eagles Video

5. Daizee Haze

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    Daizee Haze has the best gimmick going when talking about female wrestlers on the independent scene.  She developed a following with her hippie-stoner gimmick and carrying a plastic daisy to the ring. Daizee has participated with such promotions as Shimmer Women Athletes, Ring of Honor, and Chikara. 

    As part of Chikara Pro she is a member of the top heel faction Brudenschaft des Kreuzes and one of two female participants. She regularly competes against the male wrestlers in the organization.  Haze has won five different singles championships and two tournaments during her career.

    Daizee Haze was a long time manager for Evan Bourne when he was on the independent scene. 

Daizee Haze Video

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    Daizee Haze Video

4. Mercedes Martinez

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    Mercedes Martinez has become one of the top female wrestlers on the independent circuit. She has wrestled with Shimmer, Ring of Honor, and World Xtreme Wrestling. She has wrestled against many of the top performers during her career. 

    Known as the "The Latina Sensation," Mercedes Martinez has won 14 single titles and three tournaments during her career, which began in 2000. She would definitely be a good fit in either WWE or TNA with the major push for Hispanic stars. 

Mercedes Martinez Video

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    Mercedes Martinez Video

3. Cheerleader Melissa

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    On the independent scene she was mostly known as Cheerleader Melissa, but most will know her for her stint with TNA as Raisha Saeed and Alissa Flash. 

    She has wrestled across the world, but mostly with Shimmer Women Athletes since debuting with the promotion in 2005. Melissa has also taken part with the promotion ChickFight as well.  She's been a 5-time women's champion in her career. 

    There is a good reason that she goes by the moniker "Future Legend."

Cheerleader Melissa Video

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    Cheerleader Melissa Video

2. Sara Del Rey

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    Sara Del Rey is the only top female wrestler on this list to never to appear with either TNA or WWE. She currently wrestles for Ring of Honor, Shimmer, Chikara, and Jersey All Pro. Early in her career Sara Del Rey made trips to Japan and Mexico. 

    Sara Del Rey is one of two alongside Daizee Haze in Chikara Pro as part of the top heel faction Brudenschaft des Kreuzes and competes regularly against the men. She has also won the Intergender Tag Team title with Chris Hero in Ring of Honor. 

    To go along with the tag team title she has won five different women's championships and currently holds the titles in Ohio Championship Wrestling, Jersey All Pro, and Canadian Wrestling Revolution. 

Sara Del Rey Video

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    Sara Del Rey Video

1. MsChif

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    MsChif should be near the top of any list involving women wrestlers. With a gimmick that may confuse her with Daffney, MsChif has mostly wrestled for NWA Midwest, Shimmer, and Ring of Honor. 

    MsChif has won seven singles titles throughout her career and one tag team title. She formed successful tag teams with Cheerleader Melissa and Daffney during her career, mostly competing in Shimmer. 

    MsChif is as talented as they come in women wrestling. She may never make the big time because she's also has a full time job as a microbiologist. 

MsChif Video

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    MsChif Video