Elite XC Heat: Winners and Losers

Darren WongSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2008

Completely shocking and explosive action marked the Elite XC card on this Oct 4. More important than the actual scorecards and fight records, though, are the ramifications of the event. There are many different kinds of winners and losers from this event, but here they are.



1. Seth Petruzelli

I'm quoting this from the Wikipedia article as of 11:23 PM 10/4/2008.  

"Petruzelli offered to step up and fight after Shamrock received a cut over his left eye in pre-fight practice. Seth has now proved himself as one of the top contenders in ELITE XC for his 14 second technical knockout over Kimbo Slice. Seth took the fight on a last notice, he showed up to the arena to find out he was fighting Kimbo Slice in place of Ken Shamrock. Ken 'the pussy' Shamrock was forced to back out of the fight due to a last minute eye injury. He won."

In a further note, the Wikipedia article lists time of the fight as 0:11 of the first round, the method of victory as "Looking at him."

Man, those computer guys work fast. EliteXC made a big gamble when they decided to put their biggest attraction, Kimbo Slice, up against a fighter, who, while having no victories of "big name" opponents, had eight wins by KO or TKO. Petruzelli made the most of his opportunity by annihilating Kimbo in the first quarter of a minute.


2. Andrei Arlovski

While having far more notice than Seth Petruzelli, Arlovski took his fight with Roy Nelson on two-weeks notice. Arlovski proved that his striking is superior to that of Nelson with an impressive knockout. With this knockout, don't be surprised to see Fedor vs. Arlovski coming soon to PPV.


3. Jake Shields, Gina Carano, Benji Radach

Jake shields was able to show off his superior grappling and Jiu-Jitsu with his win over Daley. Carano was able to once again prove that she is more than just a pretty face, by using superior striking, and nullifying Kobold with excellent takedown defence.

Radach toughed out a great fight with "Ninja" Rua, to set up a match with Robbie Lawler. While none of these victories by themselves will gain them any new titles, these wins will all look good on the resumes of the respective fighters.


4. Affliction Entertainment

It seemed like every other commercial was for Affliction...I don't know what Affliction paid to get all of that advertizing, but it was definitely there. Aside from that, Affliction probably got the win that they were hoping for. 

With Andrei's win over Nelson, Affliction was able to get some great exposure for one of their top fighters. With a little bit of wind back under the sails of Arlovski, he should jump above Josh Barnett in contention for the "WAMMA" belt, currently owned by Fedor Emelianenko.

While the argument can be made for Barnett, in light of Arlovski's recent publicity alone, Fedor vs Arlovski becomes the more marketable fight, and Affliction will need that kind of fight in order to survive.

5. Elite XC

Four out of five ain't bad. That's how the executives at Elite XC are going to need to look at this outcome. The promoters got probably four of the winners that they wanted to get out of this card.

Carano because she's "the face of Women's MMA," Shields, because he is better known and better ranked, Arlovski because he is the fighter Affliction wanted to win (although maybe EliteXC couldn't have cared less), and Radach, because it's better financially to have a winner who can speak English, regardless of what they say.

Aside from their wins inside the cage, EliteXC proved that they could put together a card that is exciting from start to finish, where the winner is truly in doubt.


6. Fans

I don't know about you guys, but I love this event, and hopefully it won't be the last such event on network television.


7. UFC

Kimbo Slice loses, and we rob EliteXC of more viewers with a replay of UFC 86...There are other reasons why UFC is a winner that will be discussed in the "losers" section. If I'm Dana White, I'm smiling and giving myself a pat on the back right now.



1. Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson)

The "aura" that was severely damaged the fight with James Thompson was eliminated with this loss. All of that being said, there is a lot that went into this loss. One imagines that Kimbo must have been heavily pressured by the people at Elite XC to accept the fight on such short notice.

While Kimbo was preparing to fight an age-depleted grappler with a glass jaw, and losses in eight of his last 10 fights, he instead fought basically the opposite opponent: A fighter who is younger, with no glass jaw, who is striker instead of a wrestler, and has wins in eight of his last 10 fights, instead of losses.

While weighing in 205.5, Petruzelli had to cut weight, as he thought he was fighting in the 205lb division before coming in as a replacement. Without knowing exactly, as most fighters seem to cut between 10 and 20 lbs, I would imagine Petruzelli came into the bout against Kimbo at somewhere between 215 and 220.

While Kimbo was obviously about as impressive as you can be when you lose in under 15 seconds, he was basically thrown to the wolves for a boost in the CBS ratings. He didn't fight like he thought he was fighting a striker, and the result was unfortunate for him.

I don't know what other people will take out of this fight, or what will happen to Kimbo Slice from here. One thing is for certain: He won't be taking such a fight again on such short notice.


2. Elite XC

Their biggest draw lost. In devastating fashion. In less time than it takes to say his introduction. Plus, I don't know how the ratings were changed within the first minute of the broadcast after it was announced that Shamrock wouldn't be fighting Kimbo.  Hopefully this is not the end of Elite XC, because this is the first Elite XC card that I have truly enjoyed from start to finish.


3. Affliction?

I put this with a question mark because this may be controversial. First of all, I don't know how much money Affliction paid for all of that advertizing, but if it was substantial, I don't know how effective the marketing will be. Will the people who tuned in Oct. 4 buy a t-shirt or the next Affliction PPV?

I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was just another waste of money for the fledgling company. Secondly, although Andrei won his fight with a huge KO, it seemed to me almost as if the fight was fixed, which brings me to...


4. Roy Nelson

So his striking ability has proven to be suspect. Unfortunately, that wasn't the story of the fight for me. Roy Nelson had been dominating Arlovski on the ground and was in side control with plenty of time left in the round. All of a sudden, the fight is stood up, with Nelson visibly frustrated.

On the feet, Nelson's inability to defend leg kicks was exposed, and Nelson was eventually put down. Was the call to stand the fight back up simply to make the fight more watchable to casual viewers? Or something worse? You be the judge

Either way, I don't think this would have happened in the UFC, and I can understand why Roy Nelson was so upset with the loss.


5. Jake Shields

Yeah, he won his fight, but his jiu-jitsu takedowns didn't impress me, and his striking skills impressed me even less. Jake Shields is ranked within the top-five welterweights in the world on many MMA sites.

After watching this fight, I am convinced that Jake Shields doesn't deserve to be put in the same sentence as Georges St. Pierre. While GSP has shown striking, wrestling, and BJJ skills, Jake Shields shows only BJJ skills.

In my opinion, GSP wins this imaginary fight most of the time. After this fight, a demand for this fight also decreases. After this poor showing, Jake Shields drops down the rankings, in my opinion.

Grapplers with better striking, like GSP, Koscheck, Sanchez, Fitch, Serra, and strikers with enough grappling not to get submitted, like Alves, and even outsider Judo fighters like Yoshiyuki Yoshida and Karo Parisyan rise above Shields, in my book.


6. UFC

Just kidding. Jake Shields looks bad AND Kimbo gets KO'd by a guy who couldn't make it in the UFC? The UFC is the clearest winner of this event.


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