"Closet" 'Bama Fans Were Never in Style and Never Will Be

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IFebruary 7, 2017

As the Alabama Crimson Tide approaches their upcoming game with a 6-0 record, there seems to be a growing number of Alabama fans.

Working at 'Bama Fever, I meet my fair share of Alabama fans that are interesting to say the least.

There are those like the man above that are Alabama fans to the core. (How else could you stand the pain of that tattoo? Ow!)

There was one man that came in with a tattoo like the man's above. He said "Paul 'Bear' Bryant has given me more satisfaction than any woman ever could." 'Bama fan? I would surely say so.

There are also those who will stand behind their team no matter what. One man came in and said "I have only cried at two games. Last year against ULM and this year against Georgia. Completely different reasons, though. One I was so disappointed in my team and the other one I was so proud of them and what they had become." True 'Bama fan? I would certainly say so.

These are the 'Bama fans I like to surround myself with: loyal, caring, trusting, true 'Bama fans.

Then there are those who come in and ask "Who is No. 14?" How can you have watched a single Alabama game and not know who number 14 is?!

Forget knowing about John Parker Wilson being from Hoover and achieving a great accomplishment, beating several of Brodie Croyle's records this year. Just knowing his name would be amazing!

In fact, knowing anything about the team you supposedly root for would be just fantastic.

Nick Saban is the coach of the Crimson Tide. So when you see a sticker that says “S The Coach” for sale in 'Bama Fever, why would you ask “What does the “S” stand for?" I know! Because you don’t know anything about the team you supposedly support.

True 'Bama fans know what is going on with their team. Granted, there are those who will know more than others, but everyone should know the basic fundamentals and what is going on. So, for those people who are “flip-flopping” to the Crimson Tide, please at least know these few key facts:

1)  Alabama has won 12 national championships (you can’t be an Alabama fan and not know this fact, or you will give yourself away really quickly.)

2)  The pattern we have on our hats is not “black and white checkered.” It’s called houndstooth, which was made famous by former head coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. (Again, you don’t know this, and you will quickly make people see you for the poser you are.)

3)  The stadium we play in is called “Bryant-Denny Stadium,” NOT “The place in Tuscaloosa.”

4)  The quarterback now is John Parker Wilson and he is No. 14. The quarterback previous to him was Brodie Croyle. He wore No. 12, which was also the number Joe Namath wore when he played for the Tide.

5)  You need to know a few facts about the following people: Joe Namath, Gene Stallings, Paul "Bear" Bryant, and current players/coaches.

6)  Our colors are crimson and white. Why? Because they are the tradition that is Alabama Football, not because “they are cute together.”

7)  Our mascot’s name is Big Al, not “The cool elephant guy.”

These closet 'Bama fans are going out of style real quick. I guarantee you that after today’s game against Kentucky, some of them will go back to where they came from (wherever that might be).

Then next week when we go up against Ole Miss and hopefully show them how the Tide can really play, they will come back. They will come in and out like bell-bottom jeans and parachute pants.

For those true 'Bama fans...stay strong. We will pull through this. We have gotten through the past few years and we will continue to get through the times that will come again. All of you are one of the many reasons I love Alabama Football. And if you have anything you would like to add to this article, please feel free to leave me a comment. What is a true fan to you?