Wrestlemania 27 CM Punk vs Randy Orton: The Match That Will Steal the Show

Diego GomezjuradoContributor IApril 2, 2011

Who will come out on top? kuyperwretlingwallpapers.info
Who will come out on top? kuyperwretlingwallpapers.info

Every year in Wrestlemania there is a match that captures the viewers' attention, a match that makes the audience gaze in amazement, a match that takes the casual fan and turns him into a life-long fan.

It is a match that every wrestler in the industry longs for, and it is ultimately the only way to truly have a Wrestlemania moment. At Wrestlemania XXVII, the match that will steal the show, a match that will have everyone talking for months to come, will be CM Punk vs Randy Orton.

To be the standout match of the evening the superstars must be entertainers. They must have the ability to entertain, work the crowd well and above all tell a story in the ring. Both superstars fit these characteristics in their own way.

Randy Orton is possibly the biggest face of the company, he is over, as soon as his music hits the crowd goes wild. In the ring he moves well, he gets the WWE Universe chanting as soon as he hits the mat and "hears voices in his head."

On the other hand, we have CM Punk, the biggest heel of the company, the man that can draw heat just by his mannerisms, a man who can cut a promo like no other. The man who is so hated that even his references to a drug-free, smoke-free and drink-free life are booed by children and parents alike. Looking at the card there is no other match that comes close to the entertaining standards set by these two superstars.

Wrestlemania is the biggest event in sports-entertainment. In order for a match to steal the show it must showcase an excellent level of wrestling. Without a doubt these two men are at the peak of their careers wrestling-wise.

In one corner you have arguably the top wrestler in the company, CM Punk. Punk is part of a dying breed, a performer who has showcased his varied move-set all over the indie scene, a wrestler who moves well in the ring, who can grapple, has exciting signature moves and performs to the best of his abilities whenever he steps into the ring.

Orton is different. He is a product of WWE, he didn't showcase his talents across the globe, but he can shine when he is in the ring. The main feature of Randy's ability is his popular move-list, he has moves that the crowd loves and at the same time seem real to the viewer, and display his above-average wrestling ability.

Then there is the RKO, quite possibly the most popular finisher in the business. It can come out of nowhere and can change a match within seconds. The contrasting styles of these two superstars along with the chemistry they have in the ring will turn this into an unforgettable bout.

A match may be good, entertaining and skilled but when there is an additional factor such as an ongoing feud it makes it better than good. These two superstars have been building up their feud for a couple of months now.

Randy Orton completely obliterated the stable known as the Nexus and has constantly been getting the better of CM Punk. Punk, however, has been playing mind games on Randy, attacking and taunting him every week. It is the perfect stage to determine who will come on top of the best build-up match on the card.

The performers fulfill all of the characteristics needed to put on a great match, therefore there is one more element needed: A good booking by the creative team. WWE Creative must (I cannot emphasize this too much) book a match that is entertaining, that exploits the talents of these two men and that allows for the crowd to be at the edge of their seats at all times.

The ending must be credible and either finish the feud or give it a reasonable reason to continue. If WWE Creative has a little bit of intelligence they will not drop the ball on this one, not with the potential it carries.

As a fan of these two performers and of the WWE in general I expect this to be an incredible 25 to 30 minute match. It will be back and forth with each of the superstar performing above their standards. I expect this match to have surprises, interferences and moments that will make people talk about it for months.

I expect this match to be a contender for match of the year and overall I expect this match to surpass my expectations and overall I expect this match to steal the show in this year's Wrestlemania XXVII.

This Wrestlemania match has no title on the line. It has no added stipulations, managers or guest celebrity stars. It is simply a one-on-one wrestling affair that will settle who will be the man who triumphs. Will it be "The straight edge messiah" CM Punk or will it be Randy "The Viper" Orton?