WWE WrestleMania 27: Divas Are Powerful, Smart, and Sexy…Really?

tiffanie jonesContributor IIIApril 2, 2011

At WrestleMania 27, the Women’s Division will be represented during a mixed tag-team match consisting of Trish Stratus, Snooki and John Morrison versus LayCool and Dolph Zigler, managed by Vickie Guerrero.

On the surface, this appears to be a fun match.  The addition of a celebrity always adds an extra element of entertainment. Beneath the surface, however, what does this match say about the state of the Women’s Division?

It must be noted that Eve is currently the Women’s Champion. It has not been stated that she will be involved in a match, so as it stands, while both men’s championships are set to be defended, the one Women’s Championship will not be defended at WrestleMania…again.

Rather, the match that will represent the Women’s Division does no justice to the Divas whatsoever; this is actually quite an understatement.

Years have passed since the Women’s Title was taken seriously at WrestleMania. 

The last one-on-one women’s match that was of quality took place at WrestleMania 22—a match in which Mickie James pinned Trish Stratus for the title.  Since then, the women have either wrestled in Lumberjill matches, multiple diva tag-team matches, BunnyManias or 2009’s disgraceful Battle Royal. Even worse, Michael Cole’s recent interruptions on Raw during the Divas’ matches only serves to further illustrate the fact that the women are completely devalued.

Still, the Women’s Division insists on being lauded as powerful, smart, and sexy.

Will we ever see quality competition from the Women’s Division at WrestleMania again?

There was a time when respect ruled their division. Champions such as Miss Jacqueline, Jazz, Trish, Lita and Mickie James demanded that their skills be showcased. They were not only eye candy for men, but they were gifted athletes who belonged in the ring.

In recent years, Beth Phoenix and Melina have positioned themselves as worthy components—professional athletes who could deliver a match using superior technical acumen. But when will their skills be shown in a legitimate one-on-one competitive match on the grandest stage of them all?

Perhaps, the most important question is this: Why are not the women demanding more? 

Recently, the biggest show of disrespect came during the WrestleMania 25 Diva Battle Royal.  A disgrace of magnificent proportions, 25 women competed for the title of Miss WrestleMania. Considering who Mr. WrestleMania (HBK) is, his wrestling acumen and match quality, one may have thought that Miss WrestleMania would be someone remotely complementary to him.

This was not to be.

Instead Santina, a mockery of women’s wrestling, was crowned Miss WrestleMania.

Since that year’s show, the women's status in WWE at WrestleMania has not improved at all. This year’s match will be no different—especially considering that the title will not be defended and the match that is set to take place involves a non-wrestler.

Again, I ask, why? Why don’t the women want better for their division?

Powerful, smart, and sexy…hum. There most certainly is nothing powerful about not demanding respect, nothing smart about not utilizing one’s gifts to the fullest and nothing sexy about accepting subjugation.

If they expect nothing better, then maybe I should accept the fact that the women are a bathroom break.