WWE Wrestlers Compared to NFL TEAMS

RICK BACKERContributor IOctober 4, 2008

New England Patriots:

John Cena: Both Either hated or loved there does not seem to be a medium with their fan base. John Cena and the Patriots (when healthy) always seem to be either in the big matches or the big games. Both Dominant in the 2000's. The patriots are three time champions and John Cena has won the heavyweight title numerous times.

New York Giants:

Rey Mysterio: Rey upset the world when he won the WWE championship much like the New York Giants did when defeating what many would call the greatest single season team ever in last year's super bowl. Rey Mysterio is a main event caliber when healthy and 100% which is very similar to the Giants and how they play on the field.

Indianapolis Colts:

HHH: Both Dominant and will put up the numbers. HHH is a main event(er) Indy is always in the playoffs. The Colts have Peyton Manning who will always be regarded as one of the best in the league until he retires HHH also has that same reputation.

Dallas Cowboys:

Shawn Micheals: The Cowboys are Americas team and have a lot of championships. Shawn Micheals has been dominant his entire career especially in the 90s when the Cowboys were at their peak.

Both Micheals and the Cowboys have the potential to be champions and on top of there games at any moment but have yet to step up this year but both have the past credibility. Micheals is in the same ranks for wrestling as Troy Aikman and Emmit Smith is for football...HALL OF FAMERS.

San Diego Chargers:

Jeff Hardy : The Chargers have a good team with the best running back in the league but the chargers have not gotten over the Super Bowl hump in the 2000s the team is stacked with talent but cant get over the hump. Jeff is very similiar with his WWE career alot of talent and is always one of the top guys in the WWE but never seems to get past that mark he should be at hes in not a bona fide champ but could be if coached better.

Baltimore Ravens:

Batista: He's a dominant force much like the ravens defense. Batista's power can carry his lack of poor wrestling ability much like the Ravens D can keep there not so talented offense a float. Both are former champions and always favored to be the best and in the main event or big game. Batista is similar to a Ray Lewis type player.