Week Five in Fantasy Football—Heroes and Hemorrhoids

Steven LallierContributor IOctober 4, 2008

Here we are, Week Five of the NFL season and five weeks into your Fantasy season.  I'm sure, for many of you, you are looking for your first win, while a few of you are looking at a perfect 4-0 record. 

For those of you looking for a little help this week, I have a few players that I feel will be heroes and carry you to the promise land this week.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are the hemorrhoids, who you will watch and feel this real nasty pinch in your nether region as they come up very small this week. 

My pics this week:


QB—Drew Brees, NO.  He has been hot as a pistol and the Saints are averaging 327 yards passing per game.  It doesn't matter that Colston isn't there, he throws to anybody.  Minnesota's secondary is shaky.  I expect 25-35 for 315, three TD's.

QB—Philip Rivers, SD.  He's facing the Dolphins D which is 26th against the pass.   LT is beginning to get his legs back so the run threat will be back to open up the passing game even more for Chambers and Gates to have some good numbers also.  I expect 22-30 for 305, three TD's

RB—Matt Forte, CHI.  This rookie has been very impressive.  Fast, explosive and going this week against the No. 32 rushing defense in the Lions.  OUCH!  145 yds, two td's, one over 40 yds.

RB—Marion Barber III, DAL.  Had the rare "off" week last week only running the ball eight times.  With Cincy's D facing the "boys" this week, Jason Garrett I'm sure will have his game plan ready to run MBIII running left, right and up the middle.  I figure he goes for 155 yds, four TD's.

WR—Steve Breaston, ARIZ.  With Boldin out this week due to the brutal hit he took last week, Larry Fitz should be doubled, leaving Stevey B to be one-on-one.  He should get 7 recs for 105 and one TD

WR—Chris Chambers, SD.  Going against his old team is always a pick me up for CC.  I see 8 for 110 and two TD's

TE—Bo Scaife, TENN.  Should be a low scoring affair which should hinge on a short passing game for Kerry Collins.  Scaife should be the recipient of several of his tosses.  I see 5 for 85 and one TD.

K—Kris Brown, HOU.  Could be a pretty high scoring affair but at the same time, I could see the Houston offense stalling on more than their fair share of drives.  Plus, great weather since the dome will need to be opened due to the damage from the hurricane a couple weeks ago.  I see four FG's, one over 50 yds and about four xp's.

DT—Carolina.  Jake is starting to get back on track so they should be up by 14 early in the game, forcing KC to pass, against the No.7 ranked pass D. 



QB—David Garrard, JAX.  Facing Pittsburgh's D is never fun and for a guy who has struggled this year, I don't see this week as his "breakthrough" performance.

RB—Ryan Grant, GB.  With Aaron Rodgers hurt, whether he plays or one of the rookies play, Atlanta will stack the line taking away the run so Ryan should have a long day.

WR—Randy Moss, NE.  Without Brady, he's not the same player and this could be the week where the fuse gets lit and he begins the slow burn until he explodes.

TE—Tony Gonzalez, KC.  The one reliable pass catcher for KC should be taken away by Carolina's D.  Dwayne Bowe has had a rough year.

K—Josh Scobee, JAX.  I don't see the game as high scoring whatsoever so at most an XP and a short FG.

DT— Miami.  Just don't see them being able to stop the red-hot Philip Rivers and his passing attack, along with LT, who looks like he is back to almost 100 percent.