Do the Heisman: Who's the Best Player in the Country?

Nick VandiverCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2008

Ah, the Heisman trophy. The dream of all college football players. Who wouldn't love to have that shining piece of metal sitting up in their own trophy case?

It's a representation of how someone was the best football player in the entire nation, and they were that good all year long. There's nothing more gratifying than that.

Nowadays, there are other trophies for every position. Even if you don't win the Heisman, you can still win an award and you'll feel good about yourself.

But you know what?

You didn't win the Heisman.

That's why the people who do win it are so valuable when it comes to bowl games and even to the NFL Draft. Today's college football has so many exciting players that it's always hard to pick out one as the best player in the country.

Do you go with the electrifying receiver who always makes the big player, or do you go with the uncannily accurate quarterback who throws it to him? Do you award the running back who can bust a 50-yard gain every game, or does it go to the speed linebacker who runs him down?

It's always a hard choice, so you really have to give credit to the Heisman voters. They go through the choices over and over, and when they finally pick the winner, it means that they earned it. You don't win the Heisman unless you fully earn it.

Today's Heisman candidates all have their strengths and weaknesses. But they are exceptional because their upside cancels out the weaknesses. These players all have plenty of reason to be given the award. In the end, though, only one can win it.


1) Chase Daniel, Missouri QB

What else can be said about Chase Daniel? No one in the country is more capable of running offense than the Missouri quarterback. The senior led his team to the Cotton Bowl with Arkansas last year, and the Tigers are 4-0 so far this year.

Daniel's incredible accuracy always serves him well, whether he's throwing it short or deep. And he does get to throw it deep when he's the got the receiving corps that he has.

Of course, none of his receivers are more talented than Jeremy Maclin. An All-American as a freshman, Maclin is one of the biggest deep threats in the country, and that only means more yards and touchdowns for Chase Daniel. Look for Daniel to be the front-runner for most of the year.


2) Sam Bradford, Oklahoma QB

What a talent this kid is! Bradford set the record for touchdown passes as a freshman, and his incredible numbers have transferred over to this season. He set a career high in passing years three straight games, and he done it without any incredible receiving talent.

He has great vision down the field, and when he finds his man, he gets him the ball. Bradford might just be the only person who can take the Heisman away from Chase Daniel, but it'll be close.


3) Max Hall, BYU QB

Well, who saw this guy coming? BYU might have been considered a surprise this year, but with the way Max Hall has been playing, how can you not be great? He has absolutely no real playmakers around him, but his own skills make the players around him better and they play together like they're 10-year veterans.

He throws touchdowns by the bucketload, and defensive coordinators have an absolute nightmare trying to keep him under wraps. If there's a real dark horse candidate in this race, it's Max Hall.


4) Javon Ringer, Michigan State RB

Think about this one real hard. Javon Ringer lead the NCAA in individual scoring, and he leads the nation in rushing touchdowns. He gives the Spartan offense a real home run threat every time he runs the ball, and he takes a load of pressure off the passing game.

Defenses only hope to contain him, and he's the best Heisman candidate who isn't a quarterback. Being a running back might give him an edge over the others.


5) Jeremy Maclin, Missouri WR

A lot of people might have some outrage at this pick. Of course Michael Crabtree should go here, he's so much better than Maclin! You can say what you want, but Jeremy Maclin is the best all-purpose threat in the country. He can score by running the ball, catching it, returning a kick or returning a punt.

There really is no way to beat him on every play. He has the best quarterback in the country throwing to him, and his own elite speed allows him to beat any cornerback in the country or a deep route. There simply is no way to win against Maclin.

Well, these candidates are simply some of best players in the country. If the Heisman was meant for more than one person, there would be more people on this list. But only the best of the best get it. So I only list the elite.

Scream and shout, please. Tell me who you think gets this award. But if I had to pick right now, Chase Daniel gets the Heisman.

No one leads their offense better, and he gets everyone in on the game. He has great accuracy, arm strength and mobility. No other player is even to close to being so dynamic.

Chase for the Heisman.


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