WrestleMania 27: Is There Any Value in Ending Undertaker's Streak?

Duane DooganCorrespondent IApril 2, 2011

The following was written by myself and taken from WrestlingVoice.net's WrestleMania special edition 44-page magazine written by the Wrestling Voice writer's available now for FREE at this link.

Is there any value in ending The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak that has lasted two decades and toppled some of the biggest legends in the wrestling business?

A fixture of WrestleMania over recent years has become the Undertaker's undefeated streak. That was apparent last year when it was the last match on the card ahead of both World Championships match.

Many are worried that this year when 'Taker goes up against Triple H in what (at time of writing) will be the Main Event in Atlanta that he will infect end the streak that began 20 years ago. It's no secret that 'H is a power player in WWE and that should he want to break the streak he can himself pull the strings to make that happen.

Undertaker has always been my favorite wrestler and due to this I never want the streak to end. However, two years ago as I sat and watched him and Michaels wrestle that night in Houston I quietly said to myself, should the streak end here tonight, it'll be alright.

'Taker had just dove over the top-rope and lay motionless outside the ring, Shawn climbed inside the ring and begged the official to count the ten and I thought it was so well done, Shawn who would pride himself on being one of the greatest in ring competitors of all time was desperate to win one of the biggest matches of his career by count out and that just stressed the importance of defeating the streak more than ever before.

I would have accepted Shawn Michaels ending the streak that night purely because what I watched that night was like nothing I had ever seen before, and in my honest opinion I never will again. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, The Rock. These names are the best in the business.

However, Shawn Michaels arguably is better in ring than all of them, and as we saw in Houston it’s that in ring ability that creates those moments and that’s why I would hold Shawn Michaels above them all and label him as the greatest wrestler of all time.

So if Shawn Michaels is to lose two years in a row to Undertaker at WrestleMania only for his buddy Triple H to follow and end the streak in a match that hasn’t been built up nearly half as well as the HBK efforts, then it will be a bigger screw job than Montreal.

I believe Shawn Michaels will be involved in the finish and from watching his commentaries on the streak in recent weeks, I believe Shawn Michaels will somehow cost Triple H the match. Not in a heel-turn way, but just in a “if I can’t end the streak, then nobody can” way.

Because as I’ve said if the streak was ever to end it should of been at WrestleMania 25. Anybody else who watched that match live will understand what I mean when I say that match trapped you inside it.

I was standing for the majority of the match. I was too anxious to sit down, hands over my mouth, unable to speak; it was moments like that that made me thankful that I am a professional wrestling fan and am not one of the stubborn people who see it as a bunch of oiled up men in their underwear rolling around in a ring.

Wrestling is about those moments, where you are in absolute awe of what you are witnessing. That's why the Michaels and 'Taker match was so amazing as they truly are two of the absolute best ever in the business. The same can be said for Triple H, so next Sunday in Atlanta, two of the best will step into the ring and create history…

...one of those moments.