Gus Johnson and the 10 Most Awesome Announcer Freak-Outs of All Time

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IApril 1, 2011

Gus Johnson and the 10 Most Awesome Announcer Freak-Outs of All Time

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    There's something about sports that brings out the competitive fire that lives inside us all. And if you've ever watched a sporting event, you'd know that.

    We all just completely lose it sometimes when watching sports; it happens to the best of us.

    However, if there's one place where you're expected to keep your cool under any circumstances, it's the announcing booth. 

    Despite that, certain announcers can get lost in the game at times like the rest of us and just completely lose their cool.

    So without further adieu, I give you the 10 greatest announcer freak-outs of all time.

Dishonorable Mention: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

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    Before we get started, I just feel I had to mention this. 

    I understand that Buck and Aikman are usually known for staying calm in the booth, but when something like this happens you need to at least sound interested.

    This was just horrible on both of their parts. Show a little excitement guys!

10. Gus Johnson

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    We begin our list with a dandy of a call in a dandy of a game from the great Gus Johnson.

    The freak-out by Johnson here is even better considering it's accompanied by Adam Morrison's tears. 

9. Bill Rafferty

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    Bill Rafferty delivers one of the greatest one-liners in the history of sports announcing here. And he really wears his passion for college basketball on his sleeve during this one.

    This should be required viewing for Joe Buck.

8. Joe Starkey

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    This is by far most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heart-rending, exciting, thrilling announcer freak-out of all time.

7. Bud Palmer...Sort of

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    To me, this is the most interesting entry on this list. 

    Bud Palmer HAD the call here, until a man who is still unnamed to this day screamed the phrase that has echoed through time: LOOK AT MILLS!

6. Mike Keith

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    Listen to the enunciation skills of Mike Keith on this call. That's Hall of Fame quality right there.

5. Dan Davis and Gino Cappalletti

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    It was 1984 when Doug Flutie unloaded on a pass that would become known as "Hail Flutie." 

    Yet 27 years later, the image still remains nailed in our heads. It was a historic play with an even more historic call.

    You're gonna have to fast forward to the two-minute mark for this one.

4. Russ Hodges

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    It's been 60 years since Bobby Thomson put a charge into one that became known as "The Shot Heard Round The World."

    Yet five words from that moment can be recited by any baseball fan over the age of 10: "THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT."

3. Oscar Cuesta

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    Is there anybody who doesn't agree with every word Cuesta is saying?

2. Rick Jeanneret

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    May Day! May Day! Rick Jeanneret is freaking out.

1. The Appalachian State Radio Team

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    This is by no means the greatest call of all time or the most professional call of all time, but it is by far the best freak-out call of all time.

    Somebody needs to tell these guys to calm down before they end up killing themselves.



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