Top Five Greatest NFL Teams of All-Time

Caleb FishContributor IOctober 4, 2008

5. 1997 and 1998 Denver Broncos

With the combo of John Elway and Terrell Davis, they should win it all, right? I just thought I would throw them in here because they overcame Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. They are fifth because they only won the Super Bowl twice.


4. San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s and part of the 1990s

I put the 49ers here because they deserve to be on this list no matter where they are. In this time period, they won seven Super Bowls in this time period. Plus they were great at getting quarterbacks. First Joe Montana, then Steve Young...not bad, considering in all of the seven Super Bowls they got MVP performances out of them four times.


3. The Green Bay Packers

Winning Super Bowls No. 1 and 2 will put you on this list. That is something every sports fan knows. Plus, with Bart Starr at quarterback, they were amazing. Then...he became the head coach and had a disappointing record of 52–76–2. I love the two ties; it's funny to see.


2. The New England Patriots of 2007

At this point, I know you're all thinking "Where are the Patriots?" Well, here they are.

I also know you thought they would be the No. 1 team, but no. I just couldn't do that, because, when I was going to, all my mind thought about was "Spygate." I know they were amazing, but No. 2 isn't bad.

Plus, the only reason they win is because of Tom Brady; without Brady, Belichick's record is 41-56. Yeah, I know, right, the only reason they are winning in Boston is because of Brady.


1. The Moment You Have All Been Waiting for...The 1972 Miami Dolphins

I chose them at No. 1 instead of anywhere else because they went undefeated without a stacked team or cheating. They had Bob Griese at quarterback and were unstoppable.

Plus, they had appeared in three consecutive Super Bowls. They had an amazing coach in Don Shula. The defense wasn't bad, and they were meant to win.


If you disagree to any of these leave a comment and I will argue...ha.

It's been a pleasure, Caleb Fish S.W.