WrestleMania XXVII: What I'd Like to See

Joe HubbsContributor IIApril 1, 2011

Don’t call these predictions, because they are just what I'd like to see happen. But if I was booking this event, as of now (lord knows I would’ve booked some things differently before now), here is where I would go with it (in order).


Sheamus v. Bryan

The Match: I agree a lot with what Bret Hart said recently; this could definitely steal the show. Putting it on first might not be the best approach, but I don’t want Rey to jerk the curtain again, and it’s the only other match I would give this spot. So, let’s open things up with the US title match.

What I’d like to see: These guys put on a 16-18 minute firestorm of a match, with Sheamus getting the kind of clean win that elevates both men. No feet on the ropes, just a big Irish kick out of nowhere, preferably as a counter to the top rope missile dropkick, and Sheamus leaving with his head and title held high while a dazed Bryan looks on from the mat.


Morrison/Snooki/Stratus v. Ziggler/LeyCool

The Match: It bothers me that Snooki replaced Kelly Kelly, depriving her of a well-deserved WM match. This match is pretty ridiculous anyways, so what would be the harm of adding her to the Morrison side and making Vicky an active participant on the Ziggler side? This way, we’re guaranteed a Snooki/Vicky showdown.

What I’d like to see: Vicky and Kelly added to the match (won’t happen) and the match made into an elimination match, leaving Ziggler and Morrison left after about six to seven minutes to go another 10 minutes with some high spots while the ladies watch from their respective corners.

Morrision wins so Snooki and Stratus get a chance to soak in the cheers in the ring, and break up LeyCool already—this is the perfect opportunity (as much as any other time they are on the screen is perfect).


Orton v. Punk

The Match: The build-up here has been pretty good—kudos to the WWE for giving these guys the first segment of Raw last week. Would have liked to have seen one Nexus member in Punk’s corner, but I guess they’re now doing away with the NN. Two great competitors who get a fairly high-profile match on the big card.

What I’d like to see: The feud continues. I want a decisive win here, but I want to see these two in a stipulation match next month at ER. I want a lot of psychology in this one, a slow but deliberate attack on both sides with spurts of offense and a lot of plotting and scheming. One finisher reverses another and somebody wins a very enjoyable match. Let’s say, Orton.


Mysterio v. Rhodes

The Match: The build here has been less satisfying for me than for some reviews I’ve read. I think the clear mask is different but lame. Maybe it’s a part of it, but I don’t like that it is clear. Besides that, the match should be pretty awesome, lots of high spots, I’m guessing.

What I’d like to see: The mask comes off. The 619 is hit. The three count is interrupted by none other than fellow Priceless member, Ted Dibiase. Dibiase put on a hell of a match with Rey a few weeks ago on SD, and he’s doing nothing right now but jobbing. The guy can wrestle and needs a boost.

I don’t necessarily want them to go back to being a tag team, but I’d like to see a save by Dibiase, leading to a Rhodes victory and the formation of a union or stable on SD, possibly with McIntyre (the chosen one).

This would also allow Kingston to make a save for Rey and set them up as adversaries for the new Priceless team.


Big Show/Kane/Koslov/Marella v. The Corre

The Match: I don’t see anything that makes this an elimination match as of yet. Will it be? I kind of hope not. Usually I am all for it in these big-number tag matches, but this one I don’t care. I’d much rather see these guys in one:one/Tag matches, but if it’s going to be four:four, let’s just get it over with.

What I’d like to see: The Big Show and Jackson get into their own scuffle outside and sort of “eliminate” themselves for a while, fighting up the ramp, a double chair shot, something of that nature. Then, some back and forth, some comedy from Santino (please not from Kane).

The match ends with Show taking out Jackson on the outside and then coming back in and cleaning house, pinning Barrett and everyone celebrates with fake trombones (except for Kane, please).


Edge v. Del Rio

The Match: It looks like the fellas will have other fellas in their corner. That’s good, though I wish they would actually announce it and make it part of the match. These two could really put on a hell of a match (this card is a lot better than I originally thought). I am happy they didn’t add Christian to make it a menage since it was so late when there was talk of doing so.

What I’d like to see: Christian turns on Edge early and Sin Cara gets involved against Del Rio with Brodus Clay trying to prevent him. GM Teddy Long comes out while Edge and Del Rio recover, says the match (a double DQ) will continue, and everyone is banned from ringside.

Long is going to make sure there is no more interference, and he calls in a team of enforcers for the match. Diesel, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Road Warrior Animal come down and serve as enforcers just up the ramp from the ring. Sin Cara, Christian and Brodus Clay all try to get back involved while the legends fight them off.

Edge gets a clean win, setting up Edge vs. Christian at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship and Del Rio vs. Sin Cara for a summer-long feud.


Cole v. Lawler

The Match: I really wish this wasn’t the match Jerry got, but whatever. At least SCSA gets to make his presence known. I wonder how they celebrate, since King doesn’t drink? Swagger had best be practicing his taking-of-a-stunner, that’s for sure.

What I’d like to see: A quick match, no need to draw this one out. Ross announces this one and stays for the rest of the night. Swagger will obviously be involved a lot, and I wouldn’t doubt seeing A-Ri and maybe even some others (though I don’t know who).

Swagger gets the upper hand on SCSA for a while, cuffing him to the ropes with his hands together so he can’t call for the bell (why not?). They have their fun with Lawler, but Lawler prevails, let’s SCSA out, and the ass-whooping commences.

SCSA drinks a lot of beer and Cole gets his ass kicked, I am pretty sure those are the only two things most people expect of this match, and I am fine if that’s all they deliver.


HHH v. Taker

The Match: It annoys me that they never acknowledged the X7 match (maybe they didn’t because of how stupid it was to call it X7?). Anyways, this match will be a fight, through and through. Lots of false finishes.

I don’t know what it means for HHH to “die trying” but I think that is more likely to happen than him ending the streak. He will tarnish a lot about WWE, WM and Undertaker/streak if he books himself over Taker in this one.

What I’d like to see: Michaels makes it down to ringside, either at the onset (probably to get the ovation for his music) or midmatch. At one point, he sees Taker vulnerable while HHH is down, jumps in and delivers SCM, and then gets HHH up to cover Taker.

HHH realizes what happened, says he won’t pin him like that, and they fight a minute. Shawn then drops HHH with SCM and heads back to the ring. The match goes another three to five with tombstones being the result of HHH’s failure to break the streak.

Druids come to the ring and take HHH away (since he died trying), Taker poses and the Streak lives.


Miz v. Cena

The Match: The Rock should just ref this or something. He’s going to be involved, he’s going to get physical. Hell, why not make it a three way? If Rock is going to wrestle again, will they wait for SummerSlam or let it happen on an Extreme Rules or Capitol Punishment? All kinds of questions.

What I’d like to see happen: Okay, I've got this one all planned out.

The match starts, two minutes in, the Rock’s music hits. The competitors hold off, and watch the Rock talk his way down to the ring. The Rock sets up shop next to JR at the commentator table, and the match continues.

Cena and Miz fight, it goes outside, and the Rock puts his hands on both of them, slapping them silly as they come near him. The fight gets back in the ring and they trade control back and forth for a while, then they come back out.

The Rock comments on how they just can’t stay away from the most electrifying yada yada. This time he lays them both out at different times with punches or clotheslines, starting with the Miz. As he's gloating over knocking down Cena, The Miz nails him with a chair a couple of times.

Cena and Miz get back in the ring, fight the good fight, until Rock stirs. Rock gets on the mic, orders the ref to get the hell out of the ring while Cena and Miz are down after a double clothesline or something.

Rock gets in the ring, assumes the Rock Bottom stance, gives one to Miz, one to Cena, then celebrates for a while. He gets back off the ropes, and assesses the two men down. He pulls Miz on Cena, then shakes his head. He pulls Cena on Miz, then shakes his head. He lays them down next to one another and puts a foot on each. The crowd likely loses it here.

Rock then goes to the corner, does his pose, and when he gets down, Cena nips up, nails the AA, and rolls Rock out of the ring. He turns to get caught in Miz’s SCF. Miz goes for the pin, but no one is available.

As a ref runs to the ring, Cena stirs and Miz preps another SCF. He locks it and goes for it but Cena reverses to send him down hard on his own head, then locks in the STF and gets the victory.

Cena gets up, holds his hands up, and then gets hit with a Rock Bottom, People’s elbow. Rock stares at him lying on the ground. Show’s over.

Please let me know what you think. I don't think a lot of this will happen, but this is how I would call it if I were calling it.


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