Smackdown! Mynetwork TV Debut Success or Bust?

David TaplinContributor IOctober 4, 2008

As Smackdown! has ended its tenure on the CW formerly known as UPN! it was time for Smackdown! to deliever huge on its new network Mynetwork TV. I had very big expectations for this broadcast due to the huge broadcasts of Raw for their debut on Spike TV and also the Raw "Homecoming" back to USA.

In my opinion the debut broadcast could either way it all depends on opinion and in my opinion it didn't deliver to the expectations i had but did have some good moments. But as I said in the opinion of the WWE fans as a whole did it live up to the expectations? To decide this I will recap all the matches and give how they went in my opinion. Here goes....

The opening match of the broadcast Rey, Batista, Finlay, and Jeff Hardy vs. MVP, The Brian Kendrick, Kane, and JBL was in my opinion way too long. This match took up the first 30 minutes of the broadcast and it lost my attention because of the length. Did all the performers in the match give it a good try. Yes.

But even watching the crowd reaction was very miniscule until the ending with the amount of major names that were in this match. I did enjoy the ending and watching Jeff get the win giving him momentum for his Match for the WWE title against Triple H. I would say the M.V.P.'s of this match were Rey and The Brian Kendrick.

The backstage segment with ECW GM Teddy Long, Tiffany, Raw GM Mike Adamle wasn't really that great either Big Show being in charge of Smackdown! was kind of a bad call i think. There were two other GMs and it being the kickoff I expected a McMahon to be present and take over due to Vicki's absence.

The promo between Chavo and Show could have gone better as Show accused Chavo of being abducted and Chavo stating he was Kidnapped, both words mean the same thing. Yes this is a minor thing in mosts minds but I laughed at either the Show and Chavo's misuse of words or the creative team's script not being reviewed.

The little pop ups with Gregory "Hurricane" Helms are great. I am a big fan of Helms and can't wait for him to return as he is incredible on the mic and spectacular in the ring. Anything done with helms is done well as all of them came off well. I can't wait for his return to the ring.

The United States Champion Shelton Benjamin Vs. Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella this match was very short. I expected it to be a squash by Shelton Benjamin as Santino is definantly not in the same league of Shelton. But the ending was a good ending due to R-Truth comming out to distract Shelton and Santino getting his Roll up win was more entertaining. I also love the Honk-a-meter.

I dont exactly see Santino making it 65 weeks as champion but if this is how there going about his current title reign anything is possible. Santino is very entertaining on the mic but i dont ever expect him to be anything but a mid-card comedy relief. I also think that Sheltons promo should have been done in-ring and not a backstage segment shown on the screen befor he came out.

To me it showed more weakness in his promo skills as it was probably done multiple times and edited for the crowd. This was another match that really didn't intrest me as Shelton should have beaten Santino as far as ability went but bringing R-Truth out was a good mix i can't wait to see Shelton Benjamin Vs. R-Truth for the United States championship in a PPV enviroment.

Chavo Vs. Mark Henry and The Great Khali. Ok, a punishment match because in the eyes of Big Show he shouldn't have ever been "abducted" by the Undertaker and that's what caused Taker to tombstone Vicki. Chavo deserves more than to be the whipping boy of Vicki Guerrero.

This match was of course a squash match as Mark Henry owned Chavo then tagged in Kahli for the squash win. Once again the crowd did not get behind this match at all. Listening I heard nothing but boos. Chavo deserves a better match than to be squashed by two of the biggest superstars in the WWE than the massive punch to the head by Big Show post match.

To apparently show The Undertaker that Show could do that at any time to The Deadman. Of course that eventually brings Taker to the ring to stare down Big Show as he walks to the back. Any segment with Taker is always my favorite being that Taker is my favorite Superstar but it is sad to not see him in matches on TV. 

Six man tag match Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, and Manu Vs. Carlito, Primo, and CM Punk. Once again a taped backstage promo from the World Tag Team Champions which should have been done in ring. Carlito and Primo are very entertaining as a duo. There gonna be great tag champions.

Knowing of the heat last year between CM Punk and Carlito it was funny to see them teaming together another short match. Good finish CM Punk with the GTS (Go To Sleep) for the win along with showing Carlito and Primo high flying skills. The crowd liked this match especially CM Punk getting the win.

The Divas Champion Michelle McCool Vs. The Women's Champion Beth Phoenix i know this match was made to showcase all the divas and the ending was fitting because i dont see Michelle McCool making Beth Phoenix tap out. Entertaining and did what it was designed to do. Keep the male demographic watching.

Now for the Main Event WWE Champion Triple H Vs. World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho Vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy this match showed me alot of things as it was given the proper amount of the time and showcased three incredible champions. This match showed me many different things about the champions.

It showed Jericho's incredible skill as a heel. I believe that Jericho is one of the best heels ever in the history and his story line with HBK has shown that I believe. Triple H is one of the best in ring performers in the buisness and as is Jericho this match was good. A match of the year candidate? No but this was great.

Now Matt Hardy, this match showed that Matt could go with the best of them. He was in the ring with Two of best in the world and he held his own. Matt is definantly ready to be a World Champion and will do ECW great as the ECW Champion and when the time comes for Matt to go on to a new brand he will be a main eventer for the rest of his career as long as he keeps doing what he's doing.

The fans were definetly behind this match as you looked on everyone was on their feet. Great ending to this match I really didn't expect Triple H to lose but I loved the ending Matt was definantly the M.V.P. of the main event and of the night.

The ending segment with Jericho and the ladder was very good and Jeff running out to save his brother and sending Jericho out the ring was great and the Twist of fate on Triple H even better. Both Hardy's are main event caliber wrestlers and are going to put on career performances at No Mercy.

Kozlov I dont know how I feel about this angle. I do believe he needs better competition but firmly putting him with two of your main event guys im not sure about. I think taking on MVP or Shelton Benjamin would have been better.

The Show as a whole did not deliver as it could have. I enjoyed the show but it didn't have the flare that Raw's shows did in the past when it was moved to diffrent networks and Smackdowns move was well advertised as Raws was not during there move to Spike or the "homecoming" back to USA.

I think there could have been better matches and maybe no drag out the first match as much. This week of wrestling has not been bad as we head to No Mercy on Sunday. What were your opinions of the show? Please leave feedback as this is even my first article. Thank you for reading.