Cubs-Cursed By A Goat or The Media

Conrad KrasykContributor IOctober 4, 2008

For 100 years the Chicago Cubs as you undoubtedly know have been playing with the famous "Goat Curse".  They are the last team left with some kind of curse that is keeping them from winning the World Series.  I think we need to examine this curse a little further and see if it really is still working.

The goat owner who supposedly put this curse on the Cubs has been dead what over 70-80 years now and the goat probably longer than that.  Let's be serious that is one whale of a curse to last that long. 

I mean come on don't you think Harry Carey now on the other side would have set this straight by now?  I certainly believe so.  This curse nonsense needs to stop now.  The press both in Chicago and nationally has kept this on the front burner practically all season. 

By now Lou Pinella, team ownership, players and coaches have been so inundated with it that it is no doubt planted deep in the subconscious.  So much so that a priest was called in before Game One to exercise the demons of the curse out of the dugout. (Maybe they landed in their gloves). 

Think about it for a second; there you are on the mound needing to make a big pitch, or up to bat needing that two out hit, or need to make the big play, but WHAM!!!! in the back of your mind it is there and surfaces just when you didn't need it to. 

The Boston Red Sox didn't have any curse.  The Yankees were just better during those series that they played and when Boston finally got better players and put that stupid curse out of their minds they were able to sweep the Yankees in four straight games in 2004 after being down three games to none.

So Cubs fans hang in there and maybe just maybe the players will be able do the same once they get to LA.  But for God's sake just shut up about the curse and be positive that winning a World Series will happen.  Not because of a priest, or of finally breaking that curse, but because your team finally played to their potential. The potential they have shown all season.

So I say no goat curse just a media curse because they have nothing else to report on when it comes to the Cubs.