WWE WrestleMania 27 Predictions: What Is Each Superstar Thinking?

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WWE WrestleMania 27 Predictions: What Is Each Superstar Thinking?

Since everyone (and their grandmother) seems to be doing their WrestleMania predictions in the same way, I thought I would take a different approach.

I'm going to make my predictions by telling you what each superstar is thinking after WrestleMania. Who I am choosing will be made pretty evident based on their thoughts.

Well, here they are:

-The Rock: Glad that's finally over...back to Hollywood.

-John Cena: This never gets old.

-The Miz: I never realized how bright the lights really are up there.

-The Undertaker: Was there ever any doubt?

-Triple H: Who should I bury to get my confidence back?

-CM Punk: At least I get a couple weeks off.

-Randy Orton: I'd still rather be in either of the World Title matches.

-Alberto Del Rio: So why did they have me win the Rumble?

-Edge: I was beginning to have my doubts.

-Christian: Please tell me I'm next.

-Jerry Lawler: Worth the wait.

-Michael Cole: Well that was...different.

-Jack Swagger: At least I'm still undefeated. 

-Stone Cold: What if?

-Sheamus: (Sighs)...again?

-Daniel Bryan: Moving on up.

-Snooki: Where's the party at?

-John Morrison: At least it gets rid of that zero.

-Trish Stratus: Well it certainly wasn't anything like me and Mickie at Mania 22.

-Dolph Ziggler: What a joke!

-Lay: Snooki's been on top of me so much, you'd think we were a couple.

-Cool: Why do they insist on burying the woman's division?

-Vickie Guerrero: Well, I still have a shot at beating the Undertaker's record.

-Rey Mysterio: Sorry, Cody.

-Cody Rhodes: Can't complain.

-Wade Barret: Things are looking up.

-Ezekial Jackson: Where's my title?

-Justin Gabriel: When will they turn me face? I wanna shave this thing off already.

-Heath Slater: Does anyone take me serious?

-The Big Show: 2-8? Really?

-Kane: Weird that no one remembers that I buried my brother.

-Santino Marella: At least I stay over, regardless.

-Vladimir Koslov: Can't believe I needed Santino to finally get over and to make my WrestleMania debut.

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