New York Mets' Jerry Manuel Agrees To Return As Manager

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2008

For the second straight year, the New York Mets were eliminated from playoff contention on the last game of the season. Last year it happened with Willie Randolph at the helm. This year Jerry Manuel was skipper when it happened.

But there is some good news for Mets fans. Jerry Manuel has agreed to return as the Mets manager for two more seasons with a club option for a third season.

This is a great thing for Mets fans because Jerry Manuel was the reason the Mets were even in the playoff race.

During Willie Randolph time as manager of the 2008 season, the Mets were 34-35. This was when Jerry Manuel took over. His record from June 17, when he was named new manager, the Mets were 55-38. A immense improvement. That is the third best record in baseball since June 17.

This extreme change in record was not just the manager, but players play as well. The Mets improved ever aspect of their game.

During Randolph's time they were hitting .257. Since Manuel began they hit .273, not a huge jump but an improvement.

The team's slugging percentage was around .395 while Randolph was manager. It improved .044 to .439 with Manuel managing the team.

Their ERA also saw a slight improvement. It took a .13 drop since Randolph was manager when it was at 4.14. With this drop, Manuel helped the team's ERA drop to 4.01. Once again, not a huge difference but a difference.

Who knows, maybe if Manuel had been manager for the entire season, maybe the Mets would actually be in the playoffs.

If Jerry Manuel can continue to make improvements to the Mets game, and they get some good free agent pick ups and get even better, then I believe they will be a part of the postseason and Manuel could be around in New York for more than just two to three years.